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29 February 2012

Antique Attire: Arsenal FC, 1925 - 34

As a history student, I'm quite obsessed with anything vintage - not even vintage really, anything old! With so many football teams constantly referring to their long illustrious history - it's only right that we pay tribute to the older generations that has made our team the one we know and love today. Through our Antique Attire series, we try to create a look based on both the fashion of the era and the team at the time through our modern interpretation. It's only appropriate that we start our series with Arsenal FC under one of the most influential managers in the game, Herbert Chapman.

Herbert Chapman spent 9 years in the managerial position at Arsenal, passing from the mid 20s to 30s where Art Deco had swept the world under its style. Forget flappers who has dominated our modern thinking of the era, the outfit chooses to represent the industrial yet elegant aesthetic of Art Deco instead. Moving away from the Bright Young People debauchery of the 20s to a more conservative 30s style - the look focuses on glamour that goes hand in hand with functionality.

Herbert Chapman is the man responsible for Arsenal's iconic white sleeves that continues to be used today. He also invented the hoop socks which the modern Arsenal under Wenger sported in the 2007/2008 season's away kit. Coming back to the invention of the white sleeves, this Roland Mouret dress was chosen to highlight just that - with white floral appliqué that compliments the beautiful Arsenal red just as the white sleeves does. The clean gold lines on the suede sandals is a take on the hoop socks.

Fur, while controversial today is certainly not a hard pill to swallow in those days. While an animal lover myself, I find that vintage fur is something to be appreciated (with a lot of other vegetarians such as myself agreeing!). Therefore, a vintage Versace mink coat is added as a needed dose of Old Hollywood glamour to the outfit. The accessories are simply Deco to the touch. The clutch is a clam shell Lanvin number which serves as a reminder to furnitures and lighting of the era that used the same design. We also add a tough yet elegant precious stone ring, a heavy necklace to adorn an empty neckline, suede sandals with gold lining and of course - no vintage inspired attire is complete without gloves.


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