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28 February 2012

Fitness Fits: FC Barcelona (Third colours)

Good morning, ladies! I have just come back from a great weight training session. I find that a day without a couple of hours in the gym makes you extra tired for no reason so I try to go to the gym at least four times a week. I'm a bit of a gym junkie and love working out - whether it be intense weight training, conditioning, functional training, or your good old cardio work out. I'm not your fussy girl who complains about getting sweaty and having your hair all over the place, that's sports for you - but it's always nice to look put together whatever and wherever the situation. 

Here at The Colney Chic, we take that rule very seriously so our Fitness Fits will cover your essential yet gorgeous work out gear that will leave you addicted to activewear! I have decided to use Barcelona's third colours as inspiration - and while anyone who knows me I absolutely detest the team, I do love their silly neon kits. I find it's a perfect trend for the gym - hypes you up and pumps up that energy!

Instead of using all neon turquoise - we use different accents of it on rather important parts of an activewear outfit: the sports bra, the trainers, and the warm up jacket. I find that it should be an unwritten rule that fitness trousers be black and nothing else - it drives attention away from the tightness and leaves you to focus on elsewhere like your tee. Nike makes the best motivational tees - this pink one here automatically makes you feel better about yourself. I have a bunch of them, amongst them saying "Best is best" and "All's fair in love and sport". 

With all that neon - it's best to stick with a neutral taupe gym bag - like this one I have chosen. And for extra glam points - why not pick up a pair of stylish Chanel dumbbells to remember our inner fashionistas? (Or inner WAGabe, whichever is appropriate). 

Tee, Nike, £11
Sports bra, Nike, £35.50
Jacket, Adidas, £47
Trainers, Nike, £44
Dumbbells, Chanel, £477


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