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11 April 2012

Team Togs: FC Zenit Saint Petersburg

There is always something beautifully chaotic when I think of modern Russia. Its people, culture, and even style has continuously evolved - and the last 20 years has been spent playing catch up to their Western counterparts who had tackled modernisation in an entirely different manner. While Moscow remain to serve as Russia's stage for the collision of old guards and modern movements - another historically important city also comes to mind: Saint Petersburg. It served as the capital of Imperial Russia for 200 years save for a brief move to Moscow for five years and it has also witnessed three separate revolutions. Dubbed the most beautiful city in Russia, it is her unofficial second capital. 

Like its home city, FC Zenit has a complex history closely associated with the political changes in Saint Petersburg. Football was introduced by the English in Imperial Russia in the late 19th century and many football teams were formed around industrial companies. FC Zenit emerged out of a number of these teams. The team both witnessed and survived the major events that shaped 20th century Russia: the First World War, the Bolshevik Revolution, and the Russian Civil War. With the creation of the Soviet Union, a Soviet football league was created in 1936. During 54 seasons in the Soviet Top League, Zenit has only become champions once in 1984. 

With the collapse of the USSR in 1991, the team became independent and city-owned - and has added collection to their trophy cabinet including two Premier League trophies in 2007 and 2010 and a UEFA Cup in 2008. Taking inspiration from both Russia and the city's history - this look pays tribute to both the past, the present, and the future. With ice blue and white as Zenit's colours - there is a sort of an icy-winter feel in this eclectic look. 

We start with metallic-effect skinny jeans and a grey graphic tee with a design I chose as two contrasting opinions on a single matter: religion. This is a subtle comment on the Russian Orthodox Church and its oppositions during the shaping of modern Russia. We chose a vintage fur shrug to give a slight Dr. Zhivago effect and accessorise with pieces that represent the characteristics of Russia. A handmade statement necklace that illustrates the opulence of Imperial Russia, a star-studded ring that reminds you of the Soviet era, working boots in denim and skull design to represent both the old Russian industry and new trends, and a white leather tote embossed with the domes of traditional Russian orthodox churches. 

Tee, Gosse De Paris, £39
Jeans, Balmain, £1008
Capelet, Birgir Christiansen, £1870
Bag, Chanel (this bag is off of pre-fall '09 season - quite difficult to find)
Necklace, Krista R (off of Boticca), £245
Ring, Zoe and Morgan, £222
Boots, Philipp Plein, £802


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