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3 May 2012

Team Togs: Tottenham Hotspur FC

When we first started this blog, the Tottenham question came to discussion more often than it should. As fashion bloggers who are partial to the boys of Highbury – trying to create both a wearable outfit inspired by our bitter neighbours down the road seems more agonizing than leggings worn as pants. At first we resorted to the ‘quick as a band-aid’ route but we had other ideas piling that the cockerels were the last thing on our minds. The next was the pretend-we-forgot-and-hope-nobody-notices option which we agreed until I made the mistake of giving Lia the task of Ajax AFC, which as a die-hard Feyenoord fan was equal to stealing her first-born.

I felt distraught, angry, lost, betrayed and most of all – confused. It felt like she had grabbed the insides of my being, devoured them and hurled back into my mouth for me to consume. Imagine – sitting down and giving your time to Spurs! Does she think I was all the twelve Olympians combined into one super-god? Surprisingly after much cursing, mumbling, and yawning when I started my research, I came across the history of their name and crest that proved to be very valuable.

Sir Henry Percy, the son of the 1st Earl of Northumberland owned much of the lands in Tottenham in the 15th century. He was nicknamed ‘Harry Hotspur’ due to his reckless and quick-tempered nature. He had a hobby for cock fighting and spurs were fitted on the cockerels’ legs. The team was named after him, and bears the cockerel as a tribute. Another thing to note was his attempt to overthrow Henry IV with his uncle but as a result died in the rebellion.

Using this fact as the basis for my look – I put together an outfit that is sartorial-heavy with hints of country living. I went for a streamlined, no-nonsense off-duty drab that Phoebe Philo could be proud of. We start with an ombré-dyed silk pants and a simple navy tee then we cover up with a tweed equestrian-inspired jacket. We keep the accessorising to a minimal with a sterling cockerel-design ring and a structured no-fuss bag in burgundy and navy - colours the team used in the late 19th century. We finish with chunky glitter sandals to represent Harry Percy’s bold personality. 

Trousers, Topshop, £75
Tee, Vince, £100
Jacket, Day Birger et Mikelsen, £162 (on sale)
Shoes, Givenchy, £629
Bag, Burberry, £1355
Ring, Dark Mode, £614.40


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