Dedicated to Gooner gals and pals who love to don jumpsuits and smart jackets as they do their jerseys.

29 February 2012

Antique Attire: Celtic FC, 1967

The 1960s is remembered as a time of liberation, protest, emancipation, change, fashion that pushed boundaries, and great music. While flower children, tree huggers, and freedom fighters becomes the face of the decade, we often forget that the decade that followed is filled with the very same young revolts who had all but grown up, realising that many of their protests led to little change. The 1970s became remembered as a time of commercialism, decadence and disco. "Nothing good came out of it" some says, but we know now that polyester is the fabric of choice for disappointment.

1967 witnessed the peak of the Civil Rights movement in the USA, the breakdown of Sino-Soviet relations, the Cultural Revolution in China, the ongoing Vietnam War, the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Britain, the Six-Day war, and of course - the release of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. What is often forgotten in the footballing world is that the year also saw the first British club and only Scottish club (as of today) winning the European Cup.  The team, afterwards nicknamed the 'Lisbon Lions' defeated Internazionale 2 - 1 at the Estádio Nacional in Lisbon.

(They also went to win the Scottish League Championship, the Scottish Cup, the Scottish League Cup, and the Glasgow Cup that season.)

This Antique Attire inspired by the Lisbon Lions focuses on mid-60s fashion with a touch of late-60s trends. The centre of the outfit is provided by the modish shirt dress in traditional Celtic green whose white trimmings are an homage to Celtic's white stripes. The psychedelic ethnic look became huge by the late 60s and here it is translated through the fringe wool coat and patterned headband.

We finish the look with a retro leather and straw shoulder bag where the materials remind you of old picnic baskets - an interpretation to the sense of togetherness that was very much true in the era. We adorn the ears with vintage Chanel earrings to add a touch of glamour, the eyes with iconic John Lennon-style shades, and finally another nod to the Swingin' London: suede platform boots.

Team Togs: Everton FC


One of my favourite styles lately has to be defined as "simple with a twist." I love clothes that are versatile for almost any situation but also practical and comfortable. Here I've put together a look that can be worn for Everton, Chelsea, or even Birmingham City - and that's just in England! Any team that has royal blue as its colour could rock this look.

This sleeveless dress is the focus of this outfit. We've added a cardigan to keep out the draft and a pair of Ray-Bans should the sun become unbearable. (In England? Right...) The bangles and earrings are subtle, a reminder that the focus of the outfit is the dress, not the accessories.

The messenger bag and flats keep this cardigan and dress combination from becoming too much of a cute primary schoolteacher look. However, what's any outfit without a bit of bling? The dome ring is exactly that - a cluster of sparkling blue to enhance your overall look.

Dress, Chiara, £12.95;
Dome ring, Forever 21, £3.60;
Earrings, Forever 21, £0.90;
Cardigan, Donna Ida, £122.50;
Bangles, Forever 21, £5.50;
Messenger bag, Fossil, £143;
Ray-Bans, Macy's, £94;
Flats, JC Penney, £25

Antique Attire: Arsenal FC, 1925 - 34

As a history student, I'm quite obsessed with anything vintage - not even vintage really, anything old! With so many football teams constantly referring to their long illustrious history - it's only right that we pay tribute to the older generations that has made our team the one we know and love today. Through our Antique Attire series, we try to create a look based on both the fashion of the era and the team at the time through our modern interpretation. It's only appropriate that we start our series with Arsenal FC under one of the most influential managers in the game, Herbert Chapman.

Herbert Chapman spent 9 years in the managerial position at Arsenal, passing from the mid 20s to 30s where Art Deco had swept the world under its style. Forget flappers who has dominated our modern thinking of the era, the outfit chooses to represent the industrial yet elegant aesthetic of Art Deco instead. Moving away from the Bright Young People debauchery of the 20s to a more conservative 30s style - the look focuses on glamour that goes hand in hand with functionality.

Herbert Chapman is the man responsible for Arsenal's iconic white sleeves that continues to be used today. He also invented the hoop socks which the modern Arsenal under Wenger sported in the 2007/2008 season's away kit. Coming back to the invention of the white sleeves, this Roland Mouret dress was chosen to highlight just that - with white floral appliqué that compliments the beautiful Arsenal red just as the white sleeves does. The clean gold lines on the suede sandals is a take on the hoop socks.

Fur, while controversial today is certainly not a hard pill to swallow in those days. While an animal lover myself, I find that vintage fur is something to be appreciated (with a lot of other vegetarians such as myself agreeing!). Therefore, a vintage Versace mink coat is added as a needed dose of Old Hollywood glamour to the outfit. The accessories are simply Deco to the touch. The clutch is a clam shell Lanvin number which serves as a reminder to furnitures and lighting of the era that used the same design. We also add a tough yet elegant precious stone ring, a heavy necklace to adorn an empty neckline, suede sandals with gold lining and of course - no vintage inspired attire is complete without gloves.

28 February 2012

Fitness Fits: FC Barcelona (Third colours)

Good morning, ladies! I have just come back from a great weight training session. I find that a day without a couple of hours in the gym makes you extra tired for no reason so I try to go to the gym at least four times a week. I'm a bit of a gym junkie and love working out - whether it be intense weight training, conditioning, functional training, or your good old cardio work out. I'm not your fussy girl who complains about getting sweaty and having your hair all over the place, that's sports for you - but it's always nice to look put together whatever and wherever the situation. 

Here at The Colney Chic, we take that rule very seriously so our Fitness Fits will cover your essential yet gorgeous work out gear that will leave you addicted to activewear! I have decided to use Barcelona's third colours as inspiration - and while anyone who knows me I absolutely detest the team, I do love their silly neon kits. I find it's a perfect trend for the gym - hypes you up and pumps up that energy!

Instead of using all neon turquoise - we use different accents of it on rather important parts of an activewear outfit: the sports bra, the trainers, and the warm up jacket. I find that it should be an unwritten rule that fitness trousers be black and nothing else - it drives attention away from the tightness and leaves you to focus on elsewhere like your tee. Nike makes the best motivational tees - this pink one here automatically makes you feel better about yourself. I have a bunch of them, amongst them saying "Best is best" and "All's fair in love and sport". 

With all that neon - it's best to stick with a neutral taupe gym bag - like this one I have chosen. And for extra glam points - why not pick up a pair of stylish Chanel dumbbells to remember our inner fashionistas? (Or inner WAGabe, whichever is appropriate). 

Tee, Nike, £11
Sports bra, Nike, £35.50
Jacket, Adidas, £47
Trainers, Nike, £44
Dumbbells, Chanel, £477

Home and Away: Feyenoord

Feyenoord Home&Away

We all have midweek match days where we want to show support for our teams but can't quite just throw on a jersey and kick back on the couch like we do on weekends. Whether it be work or a special event keeping us from our baggy and undoubtedly comfy kits, we can still lend our support from afar by coordinating our outfits to match our team colours. While these outfits were chosen with Feyenoord in mind, they can be worn for any team whose colours include powder blue or red and white.

Away: A light blue top flowing over white trousers is the very definition of simplicity. Coupled with flats and a cream clutch, this outfit is bound to be perfectly comfortable and suitable for a casual event, or even just a day at the shops. Dark blue feathered earrings and bangles add a splash of excitement into an otherwise demure outfit.

Top, American Vintage£38;
Feather earrings, Forever 21£2.40;
Flats, Topshop, £23;
Pants, Alexander McQueen, £173;
Clutch, Kate Spade, £110;
Bangles, Laredoute, £7.60

Home: A (beaded) red dress and white pumps is a classic combination for any semi-formal dinner or work party. The gold earrings will add a touch of elegance to any outfit, while the silver bracelet and gold clutch flashing away at your wrist are sure to catch anyone's eye. The POW! necklace is nothing but a quirky bit of fun, a reminder of the whole host of strange noises you're bound to make while watching a live match.

Dress, Jane Norman, £27.50;
Pumps, Harrods, £200;
Necklace, Hannah Zakari, £7;
Bracelet, Flannels, £60;
Clutch, Oasis, £32;
Earrings, H&M, £4

Team Togs: AIK Stockholm

It's not often we would venture to the Swedish lands for inspiration - but in terms of fashion, the nation is home to that rustic minimalist aesthetic. With designs of clean crisp lines of an earthy feel - Stockholm's street style has become a source of inspiration for many fashion enthusiasts around the world. 

AIK is one of Stockholm's representatives in the footballing world, and paying homage to both the team's semi-socialist portrait of itself ("The Public Sports Club") and Sweden's folk chic look, this outfit came to being. Donning black and yellow as the team's colours, the outfit uses a yellow sun dress as the basic premise and black accents to toughen up the dress. 

To avoid that taxi cab look - a cropped leather jacket in dusty blue is used over the dress. Rustic yet clean accessories are used to achieve the whole look: grey combat military style boots with knee high socks, straw hat, black titanium ring, floral scarf, and authentic Lapland braided bracelets. 

Dress, See by Chloé, £328
Jacket, Acne, £667
Boots, Swedish Hasbeens, £101
Socks, Vanessa Bruno, £76
Satchel, Proenza Schouler, £1,004
Scarf, Leigh & Luca, £125
Ring, Edward Mirell, £163
Bracelets, Anita Gronstedt, each £69.95

Team Togs: Valencia CF

What a great response we've had from our select group of friends on the blog! I had been requested to do a Team Tog on Valencia CF. I could not say no to the prospect of creating another outfit, so here we are once again. Venturing onto Spanish turf is not usually what I do for fun, but it was an experience to create a look inspired by the dark and quirky Valencian mascot of a bat stretching its wings around the arms.

Layering is key to this industrial-inspired autumn outfit as we start with a simple printed tee under a boho-esque knitted vest and a zig-zagged printed jacket whose small but busy prints give a bit of texture to the top half. The suede jeans adds more weight to the look however the orange shade lightens it up. 

We accessorise with contrasting accessories that make a statement in its own - vampire teeth two finger ring, a heavy chain bracelet with a wooden cross charm, snake-skin brogue pumps, and your classic rocker chic Rocco Wang in a unique petrol colour to cool it off. 

Tee, Zoe Karssen, £56
Jeans, Current/Elliott, £890
Vest, Calypso St. Barth, £168
Jacket, Elizabeth & James, £354
Ring, Verameat, £70
Bracelet,, £4.50
Shoes, Kurt Geiger, £139
Bag, Alexander Wang, £600

Beauty Break: Arsenal FC (Away Colours)

Call it cerulean, sapphire, azure, ultramarine, royal, or just blue - it's a colour that guarantees a sense of calmness, serenity, zen, and relaxation...

...except when it's a blue of breathable material against the skins of eleven confused men trying to chase a ball to the back of a net.

Taking inspiration from the 2012/2013 Arsenal Away kit - this Beauty Break debut post focuses on six products we recommend added to your make up pouches as inspired by the blues sported this season by the Arsenal boys.

1) Shu Uemura depsea water (Lavender), £16.50

I've sworn by this product for over 4 years now and can't think of a skincare regime sans this little lady. She looks almost mysteriously useless as your next hydrating spray - yet, my skin have never been better after adding this to my regime. Simply spray it on twice a day - after waking up and before bed (preferably before moisturising).

I'm not your average Mac fangirl, but I am a huge fan of their eye shadows. They are always highly pigmented and never fails to do your eyes justice. This shade is boldly blue - almost offensive - but for a night out, it could be the perfect pop of colour amongst a sea of black. 

OPI nail varnishes are a must in every girl's collection - their colour ranges from here to no end and they turn out beautiful. I have hardly gotten chipped nails since swearing by OPI varnishes. I have tried a dupe to this colour called 'Dating A Royal' and though it is not personally great for my skin tone, it's a beautiful colour nonetheless. 

I was introduced to NARS by my sister when I was taught how to wear make up for dance performances as a wee 14-year old. I never looked back and now understood the rather pricey tag (double the prices of Mac pencils!). This colour is to die for and runs beautifully on your skin, the colour comes out perfectly. If you are willing to invest on good make up, NARS is the way to go. 

Voted Allure's best face mask in 2008, I decided to give this bad boy a try after discovering the New York-based brand. I fell in love in an instance. It leaves your skin feeling smooth, clean, and rather brand new. I use this product once every week or so and have never needed a facial ever since! 

Mac products are made for the eyes. Their liners are amongst the best in the business and I have never felt the need to find an alternative to their gel liners. For those who are hesitant to get their famous gel liner pots out of inconvenience, their pen-style liners are your next best thing. As you can never go wrong with black, Mac black at that - it's no wonder they only released it in one colour. 

Team Togs: Carling Cup Edition

With Carling Cup over - celebrations by Reds fan are all but finished. The Colney Chic decided to take this moment to spin a league showdown into a fashion head to head. Our take on the final consists of this: a light, airy - yet tough as nails outfit representing our Welsh side and an ethereal modern take of the 70s as the Scouse contender.

Cardiff: A strapless preppy blue gingham dress, layered with a bold swallow-print jacket is a take on the ever reigning print on print. Accessories are gold-themed, and the cuff stays in line with Cardiff's swallow mascot. We believe an outfit is incomplete without a bit of oddity - and so the decision to give the outfit white tights and ballet flats. Yes, someone may shoot us.

Dress, Abercrombie & Fitch, £49
Jacket, Monsoon, £59
Clutch, ASOS, £35
Flats, Chloé, £216
Tights, Nordstorm, £7.50
Cuff, Relic, £7.50

Liverpool: We know, we know a sheer maxi double skirt... it's that trend you'd love to be able to pull off but know you'll just look like a tool doing. In this case as an inspired outfit - anything goes. Forget black, we focus on the maxi skirt as the centre of the outfit - bright iconic Liverpool red. As chiffon makes you think of evening dresses, we take down the material with a simple statement tee. Pair it with an off-white blazer and earthy accessories such as a straw clutch and wooden platforms and you're good to go.

Skirt, Desire Clothing, £24
Tee, Wildfox Couture, £40
Blazer, Topshop, £50
Platforms, Topshop, £85
Clutch, Warehouse, £28
Bracelets, H&M, £3.99

Matchday Moment: Pastels

With spring around the corner, it's time to put to hibernate that trusted army green parka or camel trench coat (whichever kind of gal you are - I personally am a navy pea coat with fur trimmings and heavy hardware kind of chick). Donning the trusted downtown cool uniform of jeans, blazer, and tee - we've injected a lot of pastels with a touch of colour blocking into this classic combo for warmer match days.

The pink gradation on the blazer is your focal point, neutralised with cool-colour accessories but not losing any quirk with classic Breton stripes. Forget long pendants, let a dramatic cocktail ring highlight the beer in hand. Finish with a fringe cross body in grey instead of traditional tan for extra points.

Amongst a sea of warm up jackets over jerseys that look much better on the men on the turf anyway, this ensemble will score your team extra points on the league table (we wish).

Blazer, Topshop, £60;
Jeans, Seven For All Mankind, £169;
Top, Debenhams, £38;
Ring, ASOS, £9;
Brogues, Topshop, £32;
Bag, Minnentoka, £31

27 February 2012

Une Introduction

As a global sport, football is expected to cross all kinds of divides: be it gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or even political stance. What a shame that the oldest and most prominent distinction remains to be between those who let it hang all about and they who prefer to keep it deep in the jungle. There is however an upside to every story and with the help of a little technology takeover in our modern society - female football fans who feel alienated amongst their testosterones counterparts are able to connect with other female fans all across the world who feel just the same.

But hey, aren't we getting overly PC here.

Here at The Colney Chic, we fully embrace our femininity as our greatest weapon in a world full of beer-bellied, sailor-swearing, lager-lugging, pie-porking and last-season's-jersey-that's-two-sizes-too-tight men. We take dressing to games seriously and believe that female-marketed merchandising (pink and white Arsenal scarves, anyone?) is empowering in a male-dominated world. Call it capitalism - we like to call it female emancipation with a price tag.

We highly regard male footballer objectification, because that's all they are good for. We're quite sure if we had to hold down a conversation with any of them - we'd steer the conversation to a possibility of playing Russian roulette.

The footballing world is our Colosseum and we are Rome's elite - giving approval to those who are worthy of a magazine spread and those who seriously could use a trip to the barber. Of course we're no shallow sheilas and we are fully aware that football is a serious sport. Serious. As serious as booze. And shoes. Or both.

To come back, we really are average girls who are simply passionate about football and fashion. So what better way to find our niche online? If rule 34 is true, then we declare that if we posts enough photos of naked footballers and designer dresses we will have followers. Hell, it worked for Kickette.

And oh, we are both Arsenal fans. All additional self-hate, delusions, over-optimism, and potential bi-polarism included.


If you have managed to read this far without getting offended then do watch this space. This is our temporary trial blog and we concentrate in fashion blogging with a football basis (match days, finals, special ocassions). We also do regular opinions and commentaries post and a hoard of other knick knacks centred around the beautiful game.

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