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30 April 2012

Home and Away: Olympique Lyonnais

Home and Away: Olympique Lyonnais
I must start off with some major apologising for my long hiatus - uni, life, blahblah. I received Lyon as a request aeons ago and it's been sitting in the queue for weeks, waiting for finishing touches.

When France is brought up in conversation, the Eiffel tower, croissants and other calorific pastries, seductive accents, and bustling city streets are most likely some of the common images that may come to mind. We've balanced the delicacies with the perfect bold tones. Blue, white, and red are often tricky to combine, but hey, we're in one of the most fashion-forward countries in the world, where "risk" is fashion's middle name.

Of course, as the title subtly hints, these two outfits are based on Lyon's home and away kits.

To start us off, we draw inspiration from the home kit for a more casual ensemble. We're not big fans of matching our tops and bottoms but the delicate and contrasting lace patterns make it acceptable in this case to have both a lace tee and lace skirt. Nude pumps and a similarly neutral handbag help ease the eyes gently away from the lace, while we accessorize with a simple, loose strand of pearls around the neck and a fleur-de-lis inspired cuff for a splash of colour.

Flats, Bloch, £75;
Top, Topshop, £33;
Necklace, Astley Clarke, £247;
Cuff, Antonio Marras, £810;
Skirt, Moschitto, £24;
Bag, Salvatore Ferragamo, £1066

For our away inspiration, we focus on the ruched, slightly asymmetric silk dress as our centrepiece. The cream blazer is essential for a chilly night and contrasts nicely, not offensively, with the dress. The McQueen clutch has the same effect and adds a sparkle to your look. Toss on matching earrings and a cuff and you have a perfect balance of dark blue. The trapeze necklace brings a bit of structure to augment the lack of symmetry, while the two-tone heels bring a bit more excitement into the picture.

Bangle, J. Crew, £18;
Pumps, Zara, £56;
Blazer, Malene Birger, £281;
Dress, Azzaro, £428;
Earrings, Larkspur&Hawk, £94;
Necklace, Madewell, £30;
Clutch, Alexander McQueen, £1529

22 April 2012

Beauty Break: U.S. Città di Palermo (all colours)

We come to bring you more holy grail must-have products a girl should add to their vanity stat - this time based on the rosaneros of the Sicilian coast. I'm not one to watch Italian football - except when I have trouble sleeping - but pink and black sported by hunky footballers? Sign me up.

1) Bobbi Brown blush (Sandy pink), £15.80

There's not many bad things, if any at all, I can say about Bobbi Brown - if you want quality professional make-up, look no further. Like NARS, my fabulous sister introduced me to Bobbi Brown as a teenager and fell in love with their lip products. I tried their blushes and had the same experience. If you have to splurge on a blush, or any make up at all - go with Bobbi Brown.

2) OPI Nail varnish (Sparrow Me The Drama), £6

I can sing praises over OPI varnishes all day and their new colours never cease to make me feel like a kid in a candy store. My cousin and I call their boutiques "temptations" since how many different colours do you need in a personal collection? If you have to get just one more, pick up this beautiful pink number.

3) Dior Addict 2 Eau de Toilette, £35 (20ml) or £49 (50ml)

I'm the furthest thing away from a Dior gal. Really, really far. Try two roundabouts, three exits and an immigration border far. Once upon a blue moon I came to their make up counter and picked up some gorgeous blues and greens for my eyeshadow collections - they gave me a sample of this as a gift. At first, it had that initial bimbo girly smell about it - but it grows on you. If you're a fan of sweet scents, this perfume is the way to go.

4) Shu Uemura Fresh pore clarifying gentle cleansing oil, £20

Like OPI, Shu Uemura is my holy grail in terms of skincare products. While this pink version of their gentle cleansing oil line is not my go to choice, I have tried it before and loved it just as much as what I use (the purple one). It removes make up without the need of that twelfth man in the shape of your make up removers/make up wipes/etc. It does so gently, leaving you with none of that 'scrubbed up' feel. If you want to invest on a good cleansing product, go with this - it's a big bottle so every pence is worth it.

5) Prada cosmetic pouch, £130

I'm a sucker for pouches - big ones, small ones, round ones, rectangular - I'll have them all. In fact, I love them so much - it's almost a hassle for me when I travel because I carry so much in my bag I forgot which item is in which! One of my favourite pouches is from Prada. Their classic nylon cosmetic/whatever cases are a classic and will last you a long, long, long time. With colours and styles from here to there, you're guaranteed to be getting more than one perfect pouch.

6) NARS lip gloss cœur sucré (Large Than Life), £19

I've always had a love affair with NARS since being shoved its products by my sister. This product is like a better version of the MAC lip glass. Although I prefer Chanel glosses in terms of colours, this is something you should try if you want a long lasting gloss with perfect pigmentation.

7) Tweezerman cheetah print slant tweezers, £22

Any beauty addicts know that Tweezerman tweezers are the best out there in the market. It's quite self-explanatory how they work - but check out this cute cheetah print! Who says tweezers have to be your typical boring and steel?

20 April 2012

One True Look: David Villa/David Silva

While the idea of slash in football is common and amusing to most girls dwelling in the black hole that is the internet football fandom, there are those who completely disregard it and look at it in grave disgust. Just to give our two cents, The Colney Chic thinks man on man is abso-effing-lutely sexy. And if most men out there can openly say they are turned on by female on female fantasies - then what's the bloody difference for us sisters? Add something we're passionate about, and you've got yourself an unlimited quantity of mind erotica to survive off. I have a right to get off on manpiles, thank you very much. 

In addition to all that, One True Look is about challenging us further in what one can do when given such a trivial inspiration. Enter the OTP styling idea - and we start our series with the Davids of Valencia: David Villa and David Silva. While I'm not entirely familiar with this pairing, I admit it's always a joy to shout "über-gay" at the mention of them in a typical fangirling conversation. Take two stylistically-challenged Spaniards - load them up with offensive t-shirts written in sparkly fonts and possibly a whole crate of Rioja then you've got yourself a 21st century Romeo and Juliet. 

I struggled for the first half an hour and finally gave in and resorted to 'silvilla' tagged entries on tumblr. At that point I regretted ever asking what these two were all about - just one thing: OTT and proud of it. So I took the simplest can't-go-wrong uniform of jeans, blazer, and tee and gave it the Silvilla treatment. What happened was well.... a bunch of things. I'd like to say it's wearable - but trust me, I will shoot a bitch who gets out of the house looking like this - but then I got it completely right because that's mostly the reaction we get out of the two Davids in their off-duty drabs. 

We start with simple black skinnies that's not quite simple at all - with an old-washed look and panelled surface, it's probably already sitting in Alex Gerrard's closet. We pair it with a statement tee saying nothing but a classy "fuck off", cover with an ombre-treated leopard print blazer. We complete the look with high-heeled boots, purple-tinted aviators, cross and wing earrings, and your overly worn, tired, yet still forcing to be a must-have bag - Balenciaga City in Valencian orange. 

Jeans, Balmain, £645
Tee, Bamboo Linne, (item no longer available)
Blazer, Preen Line, £400
Boots, Dsquared2, price unavailable
Bag, Balenciaga, £958
Earrings, Emilio Pucci, £175
Sunglasses, Dior, £279

Matchday Moment: P.L.U.R. Plush

It's been a quiet two weeks around here and we only have ourselves to blame for that! Both Lia and I have been caught up in well - life in general, but weekend is almost here and it's time to produce some looks that have been in our minds for quite some time now. As always, I tend to have a tendency to start a post dump with a very bold outfit and after finding this gem of a jumper concept - I decided to do an apocalyptic-toxic-fluorescent-neon-zombie-chic look with still enough lady-like qualities to take home to your beau's mother.

After getting halfway through choosing skirts and shoes, I thought - no, really - this is an outfit I would definitely, for sure, rave in. This is an outfit that borrows inspirations from seedy underground Soho venues, Berlin's Love Parade, New York Fashion Week, and your grandmother's closet all at the same time - part disgustingly hipster and deliciously quirky - I decided to promote this outfit as your matchday uniform if you are off to a happening after party afterwards.

The zombie jumper, in my opinion, is to die for - while it may not be everyone's cup of tea - it is surely the highlight of this look. We pair it with a on-trend colour-block skirt and statement boots. Accessorise with fun pieces such as multi-spike earrings, gear-shaped ring in a bright colour, graphic clutch, and a rather controversial in your face tribute to the ecstasy-friendly rave culture with a gold-plated bracelet in the shape of 30mg, 50mg, and 100mg pills. This bracelet is also what I call an upgrade to those Kandi bracelets traded as gifts and tokens by Kandi Kids.

In true raver credo, we declare this outfit to promote: Peace. Love. Unity. Respect.

Jumper, Sexier Sweaters (concept only)
Skirt, Roksanda Illincic, £552.50
Boots, Alexander Wang, £202 (on sale)
Cosmetic case (here worn as a clutch), Kate Spade, £33.50
Earrings, ASOS, £6
Ring, Marni, £258
Bracelet, Fallon, £180 (on sale)

11 April 2012

Team Togs: FC Zenit Saint Petersburg

There is always something beautifully chaotic when I think of modern Russia. Its people, culture, and even style has continuously evolved - and the last 20 years has been spent playing catch up to their Western counterparts who had tackled modernisation in an entirely different manner. While Moscow remain to serve as Russia's stage for the collision of old guards and modern movements - another historically important city also comes to mind: Saint Petersburg. It served as the capital of Imperial Russia for 200 years save for a brief move to Moscow for five years and it has also witnessed three separate revolutions. Dubbed the most beautiful city in Russia, it is her unofficial second capital. 

Like its home city, FC Zenit has a complex history closely associated with the political changes in Saint Petersburg. Football was introduced by the English in Imperial Russia in the late 19th century and many football teams were formed around industrial companies. FC Zenit emerged out of a number of these teams. The team both witnessed and survived the major events that shaped 20th century Russia: the First World War, the Bolshevik Revolution, and the Russian Civil War. With the creation of the Soviet Union, a Soviet football league was created in 1936. During 54 seasons in the Soviet Top League, Zenit has only become champions once in 1984. 

With the collapse of the USSR in 1991, the team became independent and city-owned - and has added collection to their trophy cabinet including two Premier League trophies in 2007 and 2010 and a UEFA Cup in 2008. Taking inspiration from both Russia and the city's history - this look pays tribute to both the past, the present, and the future. With ice blue and white as Zenit's colours - there is a sort of an icy-winter feel in this eclectic look. 

We start with metallic-effect skinny jeans and a grey graphic tee with a design I chose as two contrasting opinions on a single matter: religion. This is a subtle comment on the Russian Orthodox Church and its oppositions during the shaping of modern Russia. We chose a vintage fur shrug to give a slight Dr. Zhivago effect and accessorise with pieces that represent the characteristics of Russia. A handmade statement necklace that illustrates the opulence of Imperial Russia, a star-studded ring that reminds you of the Soviet era, working boots in denim and skull design to represent both the old Russian industry and new trends, and a white leather tote embossed with the domes of traditional Russian orthodox churches. 

Tee, Gosse De Paris, £39
Jeans, Balmain, £1008
Capelet, Birgir Christiansen, £1870
Bag, Chanel (this bag is off of pre-fall '09 season - quite difficult to find)
Necklace, Krista R (off of Boticca), £245
Ring, Zoe and Morgan, £222
Boots, Philipp Plein, £802

Team Togs: Villarreal CF

Happy belated Easter, ladies! It's been a fairly busy week for myself and Lia who spent most the week with our respective families during Easter so it's great to be back blogging for all of you. Taking you back to the Iberian Peninsula, our La Liga choice for this week is another Valencian team on request, Villarreal CF. Nicknamed El Submarino Amarillo, an almost obscene amount of yellow is something that is always daunting to me, mainly because the colour never sits right with me. 

Looking at Villarreal's colours, I notice that the yellow is somewhat neon - almost acidic - which reflected the historical trade of oranges of the home city. I was also left by the requester with a very helpful information of the city being famous for its production of ceramic tiles. The job now seems a little easier, and while I was reluctant to tackle this much yellow, I certainly wanted to bring myself to the challenge. Interestingly, just as I was reading up on Villarreal, my mother announced to me (after putting down the March Vogue) that yellow was one of the hottest colours this season. 

Equipped with facts and coincidentals, I sat myself to create a fresh spring look that reflected the trends of this season including: bold prints, colour-blocking, and gypsy-inspired pieces. While yellow is the main star, I chose a blue geometric printed top that reminds us both of the team's away colours and the city's ceramic tiles industry. Pair it with a yellow ladylike skirt in a luxurious silk material and cover up with a wrap-style blazer in a neutral colour to offset the bold colours. 

Accessorise with chunky platform boots in neon yellow, an all purposeful tote in a gorgeous brown to further neutralise the look and finish with crucifix earrings, a tribute to this season's gypsy luxe. To add more Valencia into it, this novelty citrus purse coin is the perfect solution. 

Top, Marni, £306
Skirt, Giambattista Valli, £835
Blazer, Malene Birger, £280
Shoes, AX Paris, £39.99
Bags, Givenchy, £868
Earrings, Lanvin, £702
Coin purse, Aeropostale, £4.40

3 April 2012

Beauty Break: What's In My Bag? (Lia)

Following in Kay's footsteps, check out what's in my bag in this Beauty Break!

1 April 2012

Safe Hands: Pastels

As pastels are a spring trend almost every year, it's only appropriate that every girl has at least a few different pastel varnishes in their collections. Although I tend to favour unpatterned, unprinted black and white clothing, I love to experiment with my nails. I've picked out 4 different pastels from my collection to share with you ladies.

From left to right, we have Blazed by Wet 'n Wild, and Easy Going, Cinderella, and Mint Apple, all by Sinful Colors. Both ranges can be found in any (American) chain store.

Easy Going is a nude shade without any sparkle, perfect for a more professional environment, while Cinderella and Mint Apple both sport subtle sparkles that spice the colours up. All 3 will be featured in later posts, so keep an eye out for them!

This week I am wearing Blazed, as shown below:

It's a lovely coral shade that will offset almost any other colour in the spectrum, so you won't have to worry much about your nails clashing with your outfit. The only downside is that the colour is a bit sheer and will take 2 to 3 coats to build up to a solid shade without any noticeable streaking.

Keeping on trend with my love for budget make-up, each bottle of these two brands should only set you back about £1.
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