Dedicated to Gooner gals and pals who love to don jumpsuits and smart jackets as they do their jerseys.

31 March 2012

Matchday Moment: Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Let's just put it this way: only the bold and beautiful can pull this off. Taking inspirations from footballer fashionistas such as David Villa and Cristiano Ronaldo - this look came to being as one of our more daring looks. You are sure to turn heads with this attire just like Cristiano does with his tan and David with his statement making tees. Bitchy face expected and necessary. 

Mixing prints is as they say, bang on trend - and as much as it hurts for me to use such a nauseating term, there is no better word that describes the print mixes in this look. The certainly psychedelic trousers is a gift that keeps on giving - leaving no room for rest as anyone who sets their eyes on it are taken to an involuntary acid trip down your thighs. But why stop there? We pair it with a bold leopard print bustier that's sure to make you the cat's meow whichever match you decide to grace your presence in.

Cover up with a turquoise blazer, complimentary to the hints of blues and greens on the trousers - bringing those cooler tones out even more as we accessorise with jewellery that's just hot, hot, hot. Red crystal drop earrings and a gold honeycomb cuff only helps pack more punches in this look. The only thing that can finish the look is some gold and black platform sandals and of course, every girl's holy grail - the Birkin, in a reddish-salmon colour with gold hardware. 

Take it from us, there is no shame in being the centre of attention. With this outfit, your occupation better be "life of the party" and nothing else. Whether stacking up a bill of 5k in clubs, dropping 10 G's in Gucci, or collecting tickets for your illegally parked Aston Martin - there's no one stopping your lifestyle of the rich, young, and beautiful. After all, haters make you famous right?

Trousers, Roberto Cavalli, £810
Blazer, Rag & Bone, £370
Earrings, Roberto Cavalli, £330
Shoes, Versace, £795
Bag, Hermès, price upon request 

Hee. Happy April Fool's! x

30 March 2012

Matchday Moment: The Eco-Warrior Wag

Happy Earth Hour day, ladies! As a woman of today modern's society - we are expected not to just balance a professional career and a family, but we are also expected to take steps in the green direction. While offsetting carbon footprints is not an easy job and human activity seemingly remain to damage the environment, there is no reason we cannot individually commit ourselves in being a little more kinder to our earth in our everyday lives.

In honour of today's global commitment to give a short 60-minute break to the earth, we decided to create an outfit consisting of fully ethical and eco-conscious labels. These labels are committed to use organic and fair-trade materials along with ethical labour values in order to promote that fashion doesn't have to  be cruel. Forget long hippie locks, sweeping bell bottoms, and tie dye kaftans - the world of eco-warrior fashion has long moved on from the stereotypical flower child.

Through this outfit, we aim to show that you can dress like your fashion-forward (I use this term very loosely) wag - minus the weave and implants - in a very eco-friendly manner. We start with the uniform skinny jeans in a khaki-grey colour made with 100% organic cotton, and the ever-chic Aztec/tribal printed tee, also in organic cotton. In true Louis Redknapp and Alex Gerrard style, we throw a fair trade shaggy vest to add a bit of texture.

Accessorise with a statement necklace made out of recycled materials, a fair trade bold bracelet, vegan ankle wedge boots, and to show there is one high-end designer out there who is committed to the eco-friendly fashion movement: a Stella McCartney "Falabella" clutch in yellow faux python. The Beatle-offspring is a lifelong vegetarian, and her pieces are both leather and fur-free.

Don't forget to participate in Earth Hour today by turning off your lights for a full hour from 8.30 - 9.30 pm your own local time. For more info, go to their website

Jeans, Elsom, £112
Tee, Komodo, £33
Vest, Gringo, £60
Necklace, Reluxe, £29
Bracelet, Manumit, £12
Shoes, Chinese Laundry, £64.35 (on sale)
Clutch, Stella McCartney, £543

Check out these websites for more eco-friendly fashion:
Fashion Conscience
Eco Citizen
People Tree

28 March 2012

Beauty Break: What's In My Bag? (Kay)

Come check out what's in my bag in another special Beauty Break. Hope you enjoy! x

26 March 2012

Team Togs: Manchester United FC

Let's cross over the channel back to our beloved Premier League to pay homage to a not so beloved team... at least for an Arsenal fan. I didn't find Manchester United particularly difficult to do as its colours and mascot are a great inspiration for a classy S&M chic look. As one of the most successful, if not, the most successful team England has nurtured and yes, it hurts for me to say that - there is no better way than to create a look that features edgy in-your-face pieces that resonates on what the team is all about. In the words of Ben Stiller on Dodgeball: We're better than you, and we know it.

Dubbed the "Red Devils" - Manchester United are certainly aware of their years of hard-earned success though not without its haters. As they say, the more successful you are, the more enemies you'll have. What is most irritating about Man U must be how they've learnt to embrace their haters and while you sit and bitch about their undeserved success, they laugh at your lack of. Gary Neville certainly comes to mind.

The colours of Man U reeks devilish tendencies, but it is easily one of my favourite colour combinations. Both black and red are strong colours that need no accompaniment when used in a solid piece. Combined together, they come to embody mystery, luxury, and controversy laced with evil. The outfit comprises of outstanding pieces that are truly bold in its own, but combined packs a mean punch to your fashion palette.

We are absolutely lusting over this heavy lace skirt in classic Valentino red that so happens to be Manchester red as well. While I attempted to downplay the skirt with a simple jersey tank, I thought why bother when you can pair it with an edgy sheer shirt by quirky Danish designers. My favourite piece however is the embroidered silk cape that reminds you of fabrics you can only find in a Chinese opium den.

Accessories are simple yet statement-making: a classic-shaped clutch in blood red and gold hardware, laced up booties a dominatrix would have on top of her Christmas list, and your classic Hermès collier de chien in full gold and rose and brown diamonds with a price tag as obscene as Sir Alex's mouth.

Cape, Alexander McQueen, £465
Skirt, Valentino, £1335
Blouse, Designers Remix Signature, £333
Clutch, Miu Miu, £450
Shoes, Alexander McQueen, £417.50 (on sale)
Cuff, Hermès, price upon request

Team Togs: Olympique de Marseille

After a quick jump to the French league, there was no stopping on the many teams that come to mind! One that have been continuously suggested by a good friend of mine is none other than Marseille FC - one of the most famous and successful teams France has to offer both domestically and continentally. I personally have a nostalgic relationship with the team as I admit to have been quite enticed by them circa Samir Nasri. Why, yes. I have moments of oestrogen-induced blindness. I'm not proud of it, but the city itself has always been a favourite of mine to watch. 

The city of Marseille have long been associated with multiculturalism. It was and still remains to be one of the crown jewels of Mediterranean commerce. The city saw itself evolve from a gateway to France to a home to the future faces of France - one that reflects the long history of its empire. Zinedine Zidane, one of France's greatest export is a Marseillais, whose Kabyle Berber roots is a perfect example of the city's status as a melting pot. Nasri too, who is a Marseille native is of Berber ethnicity. 

L'OM too is a wonderful reflection of the city's multiculturalisme. Like the French national team, its ethnic diversity is a consequence of colonialism. While France is certainly not the only nation responsible for colonialism, there is a clear difference on the French mindset on its colonised nations in comparison to say, the British and Spanish. Its almost idealistic and romantic attitude to colonialism led to, among other things, the face of France today. 

The outfit is what I call a melting pot in itself. It features prominent Lebanese-French designers such as Rabih Kayrouz and Elie Saab to reflect that. We start with a beautiful neutral-coloured dress as the canvas and thrown over it is a jacket with a beautiful bold African print by eco-conscious label, Fair + True. Marseille's colours are a beautiful powder blue-turqouise and as not to let the colour overpower the whole look, we chose bold accessories to pay tribute such as the clutch and cuff. We finish the look with a statement necklace and neutral safari-inspired wedges. 

Dress, Maison Rabih Kayrouz, £1488
Jacket, Fair + True, £75
Clutch, Azzaro, £706
Necklace, Elie Saab, £290
Bracelet, Amrita Singh, £63
Shoes, Chinese Laundry, £50

25 March 2012

Home and Away: Borussia Dortmund

Home and Away: Borussia Dortumund
Hi ladies! Today we're continuing our Home and Away segment and wandering on over into the Bundesliga. We realised the other day that we unforgivably haven't featured a single German team yet, so to start us off we're bringing you two outfits for last season's champions, Borussia Dortmund. We've definitely used the recently warm weather as the inspiration for both looks!

We're starting off with the inspiration for the third kit. As the third kit is completely white, we've incorporated some of the home colours to avoid becoming a walking advert for stain removers. Crisp, clean lines and angles are what this outfit is all about. We've put cutout black wedges and a cutout black top together with simple white shorts to give a twist to an otherwise simple (and quite frankly boring) ensemble.

Although this outfit is mainly black and white, we've accessorised with slight hints of yellow in the earrings and messenger bag while continuing on the theme of angles and lines with an octagonal spin on the traditional Russian wedding band and black and white striped bangles.

Wedges, H&M, £30;
Bag, Phillip Lim, £473;
Top, Hervé Léger, £403;
Ring, Boticca, £166;
Earrings, I Found a Secret, £270;
Shorts, Delia's, £22;
Bangles, Dorthy Perkins, £3

For our home (and away) kit inspiration, we've chosen a yellow romper as the centrepiece of this look. Yes, skorts totally give off the essence of a primary schoolgirl circa 1995, but in the words of Tim Gunn, the cut of this romper "make(s) it work." It's a flawless transition from dress in the front and romper in the back, and it won't pose much of an issue unless someone can see you from both angles at once. We believe the blazer is the second most important piece of the set, as it helps fade the line between sophisticated and fun, a necessary task with the accessories we've chosen to pair with this outfit.

Black booties may give off a trashy feel when paired with the wrong clothes, but we find they're a perfect fit in this scenario. With sunny earrings, a classy gold woven bracelet, and a crisp, sophisticated tote, this look is a fun one to wear to a casual lunch or out for a day in the shops, searching for the next perfect edition to your wardrobe.

Earrings, Kate Spade, £62;
Blazer, John Lewis , £199;
Booties, Filthy Magic, £90;
Romper, Dolce Vita, £70;
Bracelet, Mango, £20;
Satchel, Phillip Lim, £564

23 March 2012

Home and Away: Manchester City

Home and Away: Manchester City
Hi all! It's been a while since we've done a Home & Away series so today it's making a comeback in the form of two fun outfits for spring as the season begins to edge to a close. We've chosen the home and third kits of Manchester City as they're perfect colours to use as bases in spring-inspired outfits, not to mention their away kit reminds us slightly too much of AC Milan (and not in a very good way).

Starting us off is the home-inspired outfit. Casual with a bit of bling would be a good way to describe what we've put together. A simplistic blouse, a white skirt with a hint of lace, and a tote - sounds like a primary schoolteacher, no? Although the blouse and tote are both pastel, they're soft enough to be paired with a crisp white skirt and not have it look like you've just stepped out of a tornado of colours.

To spice up the look we've added a glaring pair of silvery glitter wedges and a few extra accents of turquoise and silver in the form of accessories here and there. Silver hoops and bangles are a mainstay in anyone's wardrobe, as you can never go wrong with them in any outfit, while the chunky ring and feather-patterned necklace can be used in boho chic and casual looks.

Cuff, Blue Nile, £227;
Skirt, Stylebop, £230;
Ring, Charm&Chain, £31;
Earrings, Wallis, £7;
Necklace, The Trend Boutique, £37;
Tote, Chloé, £1545;
Wedges, DSW, £31;
Blouse, The Outnet, £220

Next up we have the third kit as our main source of inspiration in the outfit. Every gal should own at least one skater dress, whether it's printed or solid coloured, as it's a nice flattering cut on just about every body type. To keep us warm in case there's a draft, we've added a cropped asymmetrical lace jacket, a funky twist to the normal cardigan we may usually pair with the dress.

As much as we love our heels, flats and a small clutch are the way to go with this casual spring day look. We certainly don't want to create an overwhelming or Frankenstein-esque essence in this outfit! Add a bit of sparkle with some gold jewelry (and a subtle reference to the home colour in the necklace) and you're good to go.

Flats, Dorthy Perkins, £18;
Bracelet, Alexander McQueen, £313;
Dress, Chiara, £9;
Clutch, Very Eickhoff, £150;
Necklace, Pret-A-Beaute, £51;
Jacket, Mango, £45

21 March 2012

Team Togs: AJ Auxerre

Since I'm quite surprised (more shocked and appalled, really) that we have yet to touch Ligue 1 - a Team Togs emergency was needed to cover this void. I could probably proclaim myself a Francophile - I do love the language, the food, the culture, the men, and of course, the fashion yet I probably won't go so far as saying so. Another thing I love from France is but of course, the wine. Say what you want about the growth of Australian, Californian, and Chilean wine - nothing beats a good bottle from Burgundy.

Our Team Togs this time is AJ Auxerre, a team based none other than in the Bourgougne region. For Arsenal fans, this was the team Bacary Sagna grew up and flourished in. He talks about his hometown, Sens sentimentally in an interview, and one thing I've always noted was his constant mention of the vineyards in it. With that in mind, I attempt to infuse the feel of country chic in this winery inspired outfit.

Auxerre's colour is a beautiful powder blue though the team dons an all white kit with this very same blue trimmings. Without being too literal, powder blue and white are two very true colour themes in this look. We add a dose of none other than burgundy to pay tribute to the wine making culture of the region where AJ Auxerre is from.

Think spring afternoon walking through the Burgundian vineyards, picnics under a tree, your very own Bacary Sagna optional, though recommended. This is a perfect outfit for a relaxed atmosphere, girly yet not high maintenance. The printed tee plays down the pastel floral skirt, add a leather satchel in that beautiful powder blue once more, stacked bracelets, burgundy brogues, and a straw fedora.

Tee, J. Crew, £26
Skirt, Acne, £220
Shoes, Miu Miu, £335
Bag, Chloé, £340
Leather bracelet, Presh, £44
'Rope' bracelet, Aurélie Bidermann, £245.50
Bangle, Kenneth Jay Lane, £238
Fedora, Biltmore, £36

Antique Attire: Preston North End, 1888 - 89

It's quite safe to say that some vintage fashion trends have no place in the modern gal's wardrobe - though I would love to argue against it. There have been way too many times where I've tried to imagine a world who still prides in dressing up - beautiful lace gowns to a tea party, stunning three piece suits to fly across the world, fascinators just because. The world we live in today is revolved around functionality and comfort - and those are two words I really despise to associate dressing with. Everyday to me is a chance to play dress up, today I imagine myself as a 60s activist, the next as a 20s socialite. 

This Antique Attire has left me with a rather bitter taste in late Victorian fashion - mainly because I know that I could not pull any of their wear without looking like Miss Havisham. Never mind, I thought - I'd give it a shot for the team's sake. Preston North End. While most modern football fans would disregard them as a Championship side (currently residing in League One after being relegated last season), they cannot be dismissed as they were one of the founding members of the Football League in 1888. 

Here's another little piece of English football history for you: Preston was the first team to ever win the league. They were the most powerful team then - no goals were conceded and no games were lost both in the league and the FA Cup. They won the title again the next season though unfortunately they have not won it again since. With the decision to install the Premier League in 1992 by top twenty clubs who decided to break away - it's hard to think of the Championship as anything but secondary to the PL these days. 

While some may argue that football of those days are nothing like they are today, it is worth noting that playing football was not a profession then, in fact professionalism in football was illegal. Preston themselves were active in hiring Scottish players in exchange for high-paying employment in the Preston area which their rivals argued as professionalism. To avoid teams breaking away from the FA, they were forced to legalise professionalism in 1885 - which shaped the professional footballer we know today.

Back to the lovely late Victorian fashion, I considered this look a tribute to both the era and the team. Preston's mascot is a lamb carrying a crucifix, so there is much emphasis on the sense of spiritual 'purity' and 'brand new' associated with the newly formed Football League. While Preston's traditional colours are black and white - I disregarded an overbearing use of its colours and instead chose grey as that was the colour I first saw the men in - an old late 1880s photograph. 

The beautiful Erdem gown is only one of my favourite pieces - its silhouette is reminiscent of the long gowns ladies wore at those days. We try and keep the accessorising minimal though there was nothing simple about the Victorian ladies. Vintage chandelier earrings, embellished sandals and clutch. Not forgetting the luxurious furs in those days, we chose a platinum coloured lamb fur coat by Azzedine Alaïa and of course lace gloves to complete the look. 

20 March 2012

Matchday Moment: Viva España!

There's nothing absolutely tame with this latest Matchday Moment. While some of your first reaction maybe "what the hell is she thinking" or "maybe to a match on Halloween's..." - I will redeem myself by saying that this is an over-the-top look that is not for faintest of fashion hearts. Gypsy luxe is all the rage on the S/S runways and I am absolutely loving this trend. Think luxurious bohemian - and while that is an oxymoron in itself, there is nothing 'boho' (in a MK Olsen sort of way) about this look. 

We take inspiration from the flamenco dancers and matadors whose extravagant costumes leave little to simplicity. Laces, patterns, and rich colours dapple these men and women, complimenting their movements in their own respective stages. There is no better way to pay tribute to their art (in the best way we know how) by creating a look dedicated to them. 

Forget red and yellow, forget La Roja and everything associated with Spanish football. Our goal with this wear is not to do a look inspired by the footballing culture of Spain, but rather the rich history of its people. I will buy anyone a whole free-flow bar worth of drinks if they are bold enough to pull this look off to a match. I would. But then again I have a weird fetish with the gypsy look... not gypsies. 

We start this look off with a flamenco inspired maxi skirt in cobalt which would be the defining colour of the whole look. We pair it with a lace sleeveless blouse then covered with a structured embroidered gilet, representing the heavy jacket a matador would wear. The motto is "more, more, more" and we top the look with crucifix and hamsa rosaries - do pile more than just two we say - a statement cuff, stacked heels with a swirly-bold pattern, and an even bolder patterned bag. 

Definitely for a summer match, we're thinking World Cup finals in the executive box: Spain vs. England. 

Skirt, Missoni, £2130
Blouse, Roberto Cavalli, £1420
Gilet, Isabel Marant
Shoes, Chrissie Morris, £812
Clutch, Givenchy
Cuff, Roberto Cavalli, £870
Crucifix rosary, Waxing Poetic, £52
Hamsa Rosary, Sophie, £273

*Title thanks to S/S '12 catalogue. 

14 March 2012

Matchday Moment: Biker Chic

Biker Chic
Self-proclaimed tomboy or girly girl, the biker chic look is one that will satisfy either side, with elements that will allow you to show a few feminine touches while also maintaining a tough, "I can punch you out" aura. It's a fun, versatile look that you can customise to your liking.

When I think of bikers, after a brief stereotypical image of burly and bearded men, my mind flashes to traditional (American) style tattoos - thick, black, and bold outlines, and the omnipresent skulls. This is a casual outfit you can wear at any time throughout the year, with or without the jacket, of course depending on the temperature.

We start off with a rather simple basis of a white vest and black skinny jeans. The studded belt and leather jacket are integral in increasing our tough girl status, giving off the ever-intriguing edge of danger almost anyone will be attracted to. No biker outfit is complete without combat boots, while the chained bracelet and necklace, woven clutch, and sparkling skull earrings all come together to complete the look.

Vest, The Dressing Room, £40;
Jacket, DSquared, £1360;
Earrings, Far Fetch, £204;
Bracelet, Jigsaw, £45;
Belt, Valentino, £283;
Jeans, True Religion, £157;
Necklace, Wet Seal, £6;
Clutch, Alexander McQueen, £1323;
Boots, Charlotte Russe, £27

Team Togs: AFC Fiorentina

Hi ladies! It's been a while since any new posts has come around so we're truly sorry for that - life has been getting in the way, etc. and to be honest I really have no excuse... so let's just get started in a new Team Togs instalment that will concentrate on the beautiful colour of deep purple and what better team to represent that but Serie A's AFC Fiorentina? Their iconic purple kit is a great example of untraditional colours in the footballing world. 

This look is heavily inspired by Fiorentina's Tuscan homeland, Florence. As one of the most important Renaissance capital in the late middle ages and onwards, the city has now become a tourist-magnet, especially those who are art history lovers. Florence boasts numerous Old Masters who represented the Florentine school such as Michelangelo, Lippi, Botticelli, and Donatello. Florence has a charm unlike any other Italian cities, its endearing rustic quality, gorgeous surrounding landscape, and mouth-watering cuisine makes it a destination that will leave you wanting more. I know I fell in love with it as soon as I entered. 

The outfit focuses on two things: heavy luxurious prints and ivory coloured accents. The former is a tribute to the lavish fabrics donned by Florentine merchants of the High Middle Ages and the latter to the white marbles associated with classical antiquity which had become a preoccupation of the average Renaissance man. This outfit is imagined as a day out in Florence of museum-hopping, coffee breaks at the Piazza della Republica, with a bit of shopping in the end. 

We start with a bold semi-paisley printed wide-legged trousers that looks more like a maxi skirt than anything. On top is a simple ivory tee to avoid business and a yellow scarf draped around to leave room for a statement necklace. We accessorise with suede stacked sandals, Wayfarers, a rose-gold cocktail ring, and an understated lady bag. 

Trousers, Yves Saint Laurent, £1340
Tee, The Row, £345
Scarf, Alexander McQueen, £324
Necklace, Bjorg, £330
Sandals, Gucci, £630
Sunglasses, Ray-Ban, £120
Ring, Mita Marina Milano, £2115

*We used iconic Florence-based designers such as Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo. 

7 March 2012

Safe Hands: Blue Is The Colour, Football Is The Game

We're kickin' off another new series today - Safe Hands! I'm a huge fan of nail varnish and can't resist picking up a pot or two whenever I'm out, so what better than to feature a new colour each week?

To start us off, we have Blue By You, by Sinful Colors. This is a perfect colour for any of you ladies who happen to support a blue team, or maybe just want to rock a "cool" colour. There's just enough sparkle in this varnish that will catch anyone's attention but keep you from crossing the cheap, over the top gaudy line.

All you'll need are 2 quick coats and you'll have a nice, glossy finish as shown below:

(The best part? At only £1 each, you'll be able to stock up your nail varnish collection without feeling the least bit guilty!)

6 March 2012

Matchday Moment: Heroin Chic

It's been a week full of beauty posts so it's time to get back on track to some style entries! This Matchday Moment is paying homage to a trend that went hand in hand with the plaids of the Seattle grunge scene. The look was popularised by Kate Moss, whose waifish figure and sunken eyes gave way for a high fashion spin on a deadly topic. While the look still leaves a mark in the industry today with a mentality of the thinner the better, the biggest aspect of the look - its effortless androgynous quality - has pretty much gone out the window. 

For some, reviving this trend may be controversial considering the nature of the inspiration: a life revolved around a deadly substance. Many may condemn me for this tribute, but it was one of the defining looks of the 1990s, and there is something hauntingly beautiful about it. What I like to concentrate in is the androgynous side of the trend, so this may be used as a rocker chic look sans the skulls and studs. 

We put our attention on the slightly distressed straight leg jeans instead of your average skinny jeans. While a staple to any rock-inspired look today, it was not part of every girl's wardrobe then. The 80s was too fresh a decade at the time to revive (unlike today, though I'm glad a lot of it has died out). 

Kate Moss' Calvin Klein ads showed her in revealing tanks and simple oversized shirts but still managed to look put together. We use a spaghetti vest top layered under a loose-fit knitted jumper. Accessories are minimal in the trend, we skip any chunky accessories and keep it simple with an edgy silver ring, a minimalist cross body bag, cashmere scarf, and chunky low-heeled boots. 

This look is perfect for an afternoon match day come the early breeze of autumn weather when it's getting increasingly difficult (and tacky) to layer your team's jersey. It's comfortable, it's relaxed, and definitely not high-maintenance. Add a parka when temperature falls. 

Jeans, Balmain, £460 (on sale)
Vest top, Calypso St. Barth, £29
Jumper, Just Female, £88
Scarf, Faliero Sarti, £99
Ring, Lisa Freede, £38
Bag, Rochas, £291
Boots, Acne, £460

Beauty Break: 12 Products I Regret Buying!

Just an additional section to the Beauty Break series. Hope you all enjoy. x

4 March 2012

Matchday Moment: Tough Yet Delicate

Afternoon, ladies! I hope you're having a great weekend so far - I know I have and I hope it's the same for you too. It's been a great first week of blogging with equally great response from all of you. Though some blogs may reserve weekends for an off day, I thought for the first weekend of The Colney Chic - why not start a series of looks that would focus on outfits for those international summer matches. With Euros coming up, it's always a fun way to show off your summer match day style.

This instalment focuses on combining opposite ends of the spectrum: tough and delicate. Resurrecting a trend that was reserved only for the boldest fashion enthusiasts, we decided to use nude lace shorts as the initial tough yet delicate piece. Nothing says delicate like lace but using it on a saucy short silhouette pares down the bridal image and gives it a bit of an attitude. We pair it with a rocker chic oversized vest top with an abstract skull print and a shrug with the ever-reigning tribal print for both some texture and an extra kick.

Accessories are a mix between a quirky 1960s style sunnies, beautiful beaded sandals, a luxurious white tote with studs for its tough end of the bargain and of course, pink roses around the neck as a sharp contrast with the skull tee.

Tee, Barbara Bui, £289
Shrug, Republic, £35
Shorts, Style by Marina, £30
Sandals, Calypso St. Barth, £142
Shades, House of Harlow 1960, £95
Tote, Valentino, £1,310
Necklace, Lanvin, £343

2 March 2012

Team Togs: Athletic Club

Considering I, myself am not a fan of La Liga - it's quite surprising that I've managed to do three La Liga teams in such a short period of time! I have gotten another request to do Athletic Bilbao and while I was truly confused on where to start - I decided to give it a shot. With a handful of facts and little knowledge of La Liga - I began to tackle the challenge woefully.

Knowing that Athletic is a Basque team, I decided to play with their seafarer history and focus on clean nautical lines as the theme of the outfit. However, I wanted to avoid that Americana nautical look so I disregarded all kinds of anchors, stripes and navy - the quintessential styles associated with looks inspired by the sea. Instead, I chose classic silhouettes such as a sun dress and a 60s-style 3/4 sleeve coat.

While the colours of Athletic are red and white stripes, I have decided to take some creative freedom and avoid a literal translation. With a bold red sun dress, it is tamed with a white coat and a very structured minimal, no fuss bag. The sea life is all about beauty in functionality and the bag represents this attitude very well. Adding a Basque touch is the black beret where it is a part of the national costume. This beret has more attitude to the ones donned by the Basque men however, with a dramatic feather detail.

For jewellery, more tribute to the sea is done through a shark tooth pendant - where without being too obviously nautical, it is a direct homage to marine life. The ears are decorated with more minimalist fashion in a pair of gold square studs and the feet with quirky yet elegant lion paw pumps where it is a play on the team's nickname: Los Leones (the Lions).

Dress, Jaeger, £160
Coat, Giambattista Valli, £2,735
Bag, Anya Hindmarch, £1,031
Beret, vintage Henry G. Ross, £220
Pendant, Heather Gardner, £106
Earrings, Lord & Taylor, £220 (on sale)
Pumps, Christian Louboutin, £3,152

Team Togs: Real Madrid CF

Hate them or love them, Real Madrid has cemented its place in history as one of the greatest football teams the game has seen. With its rich history, countless achievements, an impressive alumni of prima donnas, and a large fan base that stretches across the globe - Real truly embodies the spirit of living large. For this edition of Team Togs, we attempt to illustrate a team that has carried luxury in its image for over a hundred years. 

The combination of black and white will always be a classic that can never go wrong. Coco Chanel stood by this philosophy, and her predecessor Karl Lagerfeld understood it as well. The all white ensemble with hints of black has become synonymous with Real, and this look will try to both capture colour coordination and images that come to mind when one thinks of the team. 

Without relying to the tired black bottom and white top, we have chosen a gorgeous white skirt with Hummingbird prints as the perfect accent to an otherwise business look of white on white. For drama and flair - something also associated with Real (mostly the players), we add a black cape with crystal embellishments. The accessories are simple and straight to the point - yet edgy enough to make a statement. 

An off-colour diamond ring and earrings that lacks clarity is clearly the new solitaire and black and white striped platform pumps spells modernity. We finish the look with a classic black box clutch with skull and crown details which is a representation of Real Madrid's close connection with the Spanish royal family. 

Skirt, Jil Sander, £732 
Shirt, Weekday, £25
Cape, Chloé, £2,255
Ring, Mia & Beverly, £1,167
Earrings, Mia & Beverly, £1,717
Pumps, Charlotte Olympia, £600
Clutch, Alexander McQueen, £944
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