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30 March 2012

Matchday Moment: The Eco-Warrior Wag

Happy Earth Hour day, ladies! As a woman of today modern's society - we are expected not to just balance a professional career and a family, but we are also expected to take steps in the green direction. While offsetting carbon footprints is not an easy job and human activity seemingly remain to damage the environment, there is no reason we cannot individually commit ourselves in being a little more kinder to our earth in our everyday lives.

In honour of today's global commitment to give a short 60-minute break to the earth, we decided to create an outfit consisting of fully ethical and eco-conscious labels. These labels are committed to use organic and fair-trade materials along with ethical labour values in order to promote that fashion doesn't have to  be cruel. Forget long hippie locks, sweeping bell bottoms, and tie dye kaftans - the world of eco-warrior fashion has long moved on from the stereotypical flower child.

Through this outfit, we aim to show that you can dress like your fashion-forward (I use this term very loosely) wag - minus the weave and implants - in a very eco-friendly manner. We start with the uniform skinny jeans in a khaki-grey colour made with 100% organic cotton, and the ever-chic Aztec/tribal printed tee, also in organic cotton. In true Louis Redknapp and Alex Gerrard style, we throw a fair trade shaggy vest to add a bit of texture.

Accessorise with a statement necklace made out of recycled materials, a fair trade bold bracelet, vegan ankle wedge boots, and to show there is one high-end designer out there who is committed to the eco-friendly fashion movement: a Stella McCartney "Falabella" clutch in yellow faux python. The Beatle-offspring is a lifelong vegetarian, and her pieces are both leather and fur-free.

Don't forget to participate in Earth Hour today by turning off your lights for a full hour from 8.30 - 9.30 pm your own local time. For more info, go to their website

Jeans, Elsom, £112
Tee, Komodo, £33
Vest, Gringo, £60
Necklace, Reluxe, £29
Bracelet, Manumit, £12
Shoes, Chinese Laundry, £64.35 (on sale)
Clutch, Stella McCartney, £543

Check out these websites for more eco-friendly fashion:
Fashion Conscience
Eco Citizen
People Tree


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