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14 March 2012

Team Togs: AFC Fiorentina

Hi ladies! It's been a while since any new posts has come around so we're truly sorry for that - life has been getting in the way, etc. and to be honest I really have no excuse... so let's just get started in a new Team Togs instalment that will concentrate on the beautiful colour of deep purple and what better team to represent that but Serie A's AFC Fiorentina? Their iconic purple kit is a great example of untraditional colours in the footballing world. 

This look is heavily inspired by Fiorentina's Tuscan homeland, Florence. As one of the most important Renaissance capital in the late middle ages and onwards, the city has now become a tourist-magnet, especially those who are art history lovers. Florence boasts numerous Old Masters who represented the Florentine school such as Michelangelo, Lippi, Botticelli, and Donatello. Florence has a charm unlike any other Italian cities, its endearing rustic quality, gorgeous surrounding landscape, and mouth-watering cuisine makes it a destination that will leave you wanting more. I know I fell in love with it as soon as I entered. 

The outfit focuses on two things: heavy luxurious prints and ivory coloured accents. The former is a tribute to the lavish fabrics donned by Florentine merchants of the High Middle Ages and the latter to the white marbles associated with classical antiquity which had become a preoccupation of the average Renaissance man. This outfit is imagined as a day out in Florence of museum-hopping, coffee breaks at the Piazza della Republica, with a bit of shopping in the end. 

We start with a bold semi-paisley printed wide-legged trousers that looks more like a maxi skirt than anything. On top is a simple ivory tee to avoid business and a yellow scarf draped around to leave room for a statement necklace. We accessorise with suede stacked sandals, Wayfarers, a rose-gold cocktail ring, and an understated lady bag. 

Trousers, Yves Saint Laurent, £1340
Tee, The Row, £345
Scarf, Alexander McQueen, £324
Necklace, Bjorg, £330
Sandals, Gucci, £630
Sunglasses, Ray-Ban, £120
Ring, Mita Marina Milano, £2115

*We used iconic Florence-based designers such as Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo. 


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