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20 April 2012

Matchday Moment: P.L.U.R. Plush

It's been a quiet two weeks around here and we only have ourselves to blame for that! Both Lia and I have been caught up in well - life in general, but weekend is almost here and it's time to produce some looks that have been in our minds for quite some time now. As always, I tend to have a tendency to start a post dump with a very bold outfit and after finding this gem of a jumper concept - I decided to do an apocalyptic-toxic-fluorescent-neon-zombie-chic look with still enough lady-like qualities to take home to your beau's mother.

After getting halfway through choosing skirts and shoes, I thought - no, really - this is an outfit I would definitely, for sure, rave in. This is an outfit that borrows inspirations from seedy underground Soho venues, Berlin's Love Parade, New York Fashion Week, and your grandmother's closet all at the same time - part disgustingly hipster and deliciously quirky - I decided to promote this outfit as your matchday uniform if you are off to a happening after party afterwards.

The zombie jumper, in my opinion, is to die for - while it may not be everyone's cup of tea - it is surely the highlight of this look. We pair it with a on-trend colour-block skirt and statement boots. Accessorise with fun pieces such as multi-spike earrings, gear-shaped ring in a bright colour, graphic clutch, and a rather controversial in your face tribute to the ecstasy-friendly rave culture with a gold-plated bracelet in the shape of 30mg, 50mg, and 100mg pills. This bracelet is also what I call an upgrade to those Kandi bracelets traded as gifts and tokens by Kandi Kids.

In true raver credo, we declare this outfit to promote: Peace. Love. Unity. Respect.

Jumper, Sexier Sweaters (concept only)
Skirt, Roksanda Illincic, £552.50
Boots, Alexander Wang, £202 (on sale)
Cosmetic case (here worn as a clutch), Kate Spade, £33.50
Earrings, ASOS, £6
Ring, Marni, £258
Bracelet, Fallon, £180 (on sale)


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