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20 April 2012

One True Look: David Villa/David Silva

While the idea of slash in football is common and amusing to most girls dwelling in the black hole that is the internet football fandom, there are those who completely disregard it and look at it in grave disgust. Just to give our two cents, The Colney Chic thinks man on man is abso-effing-lutely sexy. And if most men out there can openly say they are turned on by female on female fantasies - then what's the bloody difference for us sisters? Add something we're passionate about, and you've got yourself an unlimited quantity of mind erotica to survive off. I have a right to get off on manpiles, thank you very much. 

In addition to all that, One True Look is about challenging us further in what one can do when given such a trivial inspiration. Enter the OTP styling idea - and we start our series with the Davids of Valencia: David Villa and David Silva. While I'm not entirely familiar with this pairing, I admit it's always a joy to shout "über-gay" at the mention of them in a typical fangirling conversation. Take two stylistically-challenged Spaniards - load them up with offensive t-shirts written in sparkly fonts and possibly a whole crate of Rioja then you've got yourself a 21st century Romeo and Juliet. 

I struggled for the first half an hour and finally gave in and resorted to 'silvilla' tagged entries on tumblr. At that point I regretted ever asking what these two were all about - just one thing: OTT and proud of it. So I took the simplest can't-go-wrong uniform of jeans, blazer, and tee and gave it the Silvilla treatment. What happened was well.... a bunch of things. I'd like to say it's wearable - but trust me, I will shoot a bitch who gets out of the house looking like this - but then I got it completely right because that's mostly the reaction we get out of the two Davids in their off-duty drabs. 

We start with simple black skinnies that's not quite simple at all - with an old-washed look and panelled surface, it's probably already sitting in Alex Gerrard's closet. We pair it with a statement tee saying nothing but a classy "fuck off", cover with an ombre-treated leopard print blazer. We complete the look with high-heeled boots, purple-tinted aviators, cross and wing earrings, and your overly worn, tired, yet still forcing to be a must-have bag - Balenciaga City in Valencian orange. 

Jeans, Balmain, £645
Tee, Bamboo Linne, (item no longer available)
Blazer, Preen Line, £400
Boots, Dsquared2, price unavailable
Bag, Balenciaga, £958
Earrings, Emilio Pucci, £175
Sunglasses, Dior, £279


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