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2 May 2012

Team Togs: AFC Ajax

Team Togs: AFC Ajax

On the evening of clinching their 31st title, we bring you an outfit inspired from the essence of Amsterdam and a loose history of Ajax. The streets of Amsterdam are certain to be packed with partying Ajax fans through all hours of the night, and we're sure there is plenty of beer involved - it is Holland, after all.

A more typical day in Amsterdam is likely spent walking alongside the canals, popping in and out of high street shops like H&M and the touristy shops that sell everything from the goofy, oversized hats that every hardcore Oranje fan seems to own to dick-shaped mints and lighters with coloured flames. Hungry? No problem - there are plenty of cozy cafés tucked away just waiting to be discovered, and it is almost obligatory to buy a paper cone filled with chips that have been drowned in mayonnaise. Boat and bus tours are also popular, if you need some time to relax while still taking in the view of an undeniably beautiful city.

We've forgone the general stereotypes in favour of a more accurate interpretation of daily summer life in the city. Instead of the ever-famous red light district, marijuana, and tulips being our inspiration, we've turned our attention to the breezy canals present throughout the city, the Amsterdam flag, and the first official kit of Ajax (which was later altered as it was nearly identical to Sparta's kit - the concept of an away kit had not yet been introduced).

Summer fun is definitely integral in assembling this outfit. A flirty, casual black dress perfect for a sunny day and patent red flats reference the all black kit with a red sash that Ajax originally played in, while the white bag completes the look as the third colour of the Amsterdam flag. Simple red and black and white bangles paired with cross earrings tie the outfit together with the flag theme.

Dress, Crumpet, £65;
Bag, Rebecca Minkhoff, £182;
Flats, D&G, £249;
Earrings, Kabiri, £74;
Bracelet (red), Kate Spade, £40;
Bracelet (black&white), Macy's, £24


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