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1 May 2012

Beauty Break: AFC Fiorentina

Beauty Break: AFC Fiorentina
Two posts recommending our beauty must-haves based on Italian football in a row - the world really must be ending sometime soon! Today we're bringing you five products that we promise won't put you to sleep. I can't speak for Kay, but it puts a smile on my face to see a football team wearing my favourite colour, even if I'm not a supporter of them.

Although I swear by dirt cheap £1 bottles of nail varnish, there are just some colours you can't find a good dupe of. China Glaze has so many lovely shades, metallic, glittery, matte, you name it, they probably have it in every colour and colour combination you could possibly dream of. (If you love glitter, make sure to check out their Hunger Games collection, it took all I had to not buy a bottle of each!)

What can I say, I'm a sucker for purple-toned lipsticks and glosses. I think they look lovely on all skin tones (orange excepted), and I always have at least one grape-hued Clinique lipstick in my bag. They're a subtle hint of colour compared to the candy apple reds I also love, and are much more wearable on a daily basis. They glide right on and keep your lips moisturised and glammed up at the same time - what's not to love?

Scent-wise, I love everything berry. There's just something about the semi-sweet, natural smell that calls my name. This body splash is both light and refreshing, and isn't sickly sweet like some fruit-scented sprays tend to be. A few spritzes after you climb out of the shower is enough to wake you up and send you straight to raspberry heaven without burning your nose.

Out of all the toners I've ever used, this is the only one that I would (and do) repurchase. I wouldn't say I have particularly sensitive skin, but every other toner I've tried has dried my skin out to the point it sends me running for the nearest bottle of moisturizer at least twice a day. This toner tightens up your pores nicely without it looking like there's a snowstorm on your face.

I recently bought a few of these shadow pencils and I have to say I am in love with them all! They're super easy to apply - they glide right on and last all day with no glitter falling down into your eyes and blinding you. They also double as an eyeliner if needed and add a great sparkle to your eyes with minimal effort. I've already bought five of them and will definitely be adding more to my collection.


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