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1 May 2012

One True Look: Robin van Persie/Klaas-Jan Huntelaar

One True Look: Robin van Persie/Klaas-Jan Huntelaar

Disclaimer: I've been coerced into making this post by Kay. I am not responsible for any mental scarring that may have occurred upon seeing this Fendi bag.

We're continuing our One True Look series with two of our favourite Oranje boys, who are as different as, well, different can be. Think of clashing on Real Madrid-Barcelona or Arsenal-Tottenham levels. Ajacied meets Feyenoorder, inner city boy meets country boy, teetotaler meets functioning alcoholic, plaid meets bling bling (in the words of Per Mertesacker) - combinations that will always bring lots of drama. In this case, bringing together our favourite guido impersonator and our resident hipster truly does produce an, ahem, interesting combination for this outfit.

With Van Persie's penchant for not owning a single article of clothing that doesn't clash with everything else in his closet and Huntelaar's drunken farmboy antics, any outfit created with both of them in mind is bound to be just a bit out there, like a penguin in the desert.

The split between the styles of this set is rather clear - the oh-so-ironic "I like cats" sweatshirt a reference to Robin's Cheetah, and the eye-watering peacock bag bowing down to his preference for Ed Hardy tees and shoes and "dress" shirts that look like they've been attacked by kids armed with felt tip markers, while the beret, coloured skinnies, leather wrap bracelet, and converse all but scream "hipster (and therefore Klaas-Jan) alert!" Although the bag is of course the bane of any fashionista's existence, we feel you could rock this ensemble after two or three or five drinks. We've put a ring on the look with the stacked ring strangely reminiscent of Chinese finger traps.

Ring, Dorthy Perkins, £9;
Bag, Fendi, price unavailable;
Bracelet, Calypso St. Barth, £117;
Sweatshirt, Etsy, £16;
Skinny jeans, Ted Baker, £90;
Beret, Forever 21, £5;
Shoes, Converse, £68


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