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30 April 2012

Home and Away: Olympique Lyonnais

Home and Away: Olympique Lyonnais
I must start off with some major apologising for my long hiatus - uni, life, blahblah. I received Lyon as a request aeons ago and it's been sitting in the queue for weeks, waiting for finishing touches.

When France is brought up in conversation, the Eiffel tower, croissants and other calorific pastries, seductive accents, and bustling city streets are most likely some of the common images that may come to mind. We've balanced the delicacies with the perfect bold tones. Blue, white, and red are often tricky to combine, but hey, we're in one of the most fashion-forward countries in the world, where "risk" is fashion's middle name.

Of course, as the title subtly hints, these two outfits are based on Lyon's home and away kits.

To start us off, we draw inspiration from the home kit for a more casual ensemble. We're not big fans of matching our tops and bottoms but the delicate and contrasting lace patterns make it acceptable in this case to have both a lace tee and lace skirt. Nude pumps and a similarly neutral handbag help ease the eyes gently away from the lace, while we accessorize with a simple, loose strand of pearls around the neck and a fleur-de-lis inspired cuff for a splash of colour.

Flats, Bloch, £75;
Top, Topshop, £33;
Necklace, Astley Clarke, £247;
Cuff, Antonio Marras, £810;
Skirt, Moschitto, £24;
Bag, Salvatore Ferragamo, £1066

For our away inspiration, we focus on the ruched, slightly asymmetric silk dress as our centrepiece. The cream blazer is essential for a chilly night and contrasts nicely, not offensively, with the dress. The McQueen clutch has the same effect and adds a sparkle to your look. Toss on matching earrings and a cuff and you have a perfect balance of dark blue. The trapeze necklace brings a bit of structure to augment the lack of symmetry, while the two-tone heels bring a bit more excitement into the picture.

Bangle, J. Crew, £18;
Pumps, Zara, £56;
Blazer, Malene Birger, £281;
Dress, Azzaro, £428;
Earrings, Larkspur&Hawk, £94;
Necklace, Madewell, £30;
Clutch, Alexander McQueen, £1529


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