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22 April 2012

Beauty Break: U.S. Città di Palermo (all colours)

We come to bring you more holy grail must-have products a girl should add to their vanity stat - this time based on the rosaneros of the Sicilian coast. I'm not one to watch Italian football - except when I have trouble sleeping - but pink and black sported by hunky footballers? Sign me up.

1) Bobbi Brown blush (Sandy pink), £15.80

There's not many bad things, if any at all, I can say about Bobbi Brown - if you want quality professional make-up, look no further. Like NARS, my fabulous sister introduced me to Bobbi Brown as a teenager and fell in love with their lip products. I tried their blushes and had the same experience. If you have to splurge on a blush, or any make up at all - go with Bobbi Brown.

2) OPI Nail varnish (Sparrow Me The Drama), £6

I can sing praises over OPI varnishes all day and their new colours never cease to make me feel like a kid in a candy store. My cousin and I call their boutiques "temptations" since how many different colours do you need in a personal collection? If you have to get just one more, pick up this beautiful pink number.

3) Dior Addict 2 Eau de Toilette, £35 (20ml) or £49 (50ml)

I'm the furthest thing away from a Dior gal. Really, really far. Try two roundabouts, three exits and an immigration border far. Once upon a blue moon I came to their make up counter and picked up some gorgeous blues and greens for my eyeshadow collections - they gave me a sample of this as a gift. At first, it had that initial bimbo girly smell about it - but it grows on you. If you're a fan of sweet scents, this perfume is the way to go.

4) Shu Uemura Fresh pore clarifying gentle cleansing oil, £20

Like OPI, Shu Uemura is my holy grail in terms of skincare products. While this pink version of their gentle cleansing oil line is not my go to choice, I have tried it before and loved it just as much as what I use (the purple one). It removes make up without the need of that twelfth man in the shape of your make up removers/make up wipes/etc. It does so gently, leaving you with none of that 'scrubbed up' feel. If you want to invest on a good cleansing product, go with this - it's a big bottle so every pence is worth it.

5) Prada cosmetic pouch, £130

I'm a sucker for pouches - big ones, small ones, round ones, rectangular - I'll have them all. In fact, I love them so much - it's almost a hassle for me when I travel because I carry so much in my bag I forgot which item is in which! One of my favourite pouches is from Prada. Their classic nylon cosmetic/whatever cases are a classic and will last you a long, long, long time. With colours and styles from here to there, you're guaranteed to be getting more than one perfect pouch.

6) NARS lip gloss cœur sucré (Large Than Life), £19

I've always had a love affair with NARS since being shoved its products by my sister. This product is like a better version of the MAC lip glass. Although I prefer Chanel glosses in terms of colours, this is something you should try if you want a long lasting gloss with perfect pigmentation.

7) Tweezerman cheetah print slant tweezers, £22

Any beauty addicts know that Tweezerman tweezers are the best out there in the market. It's quite self-explanatory how they work - but check out this cute cheetah print! Who says tweezers have to be your typical boring and steel?


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