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11 April 2012

Team Togs: Villarreal CF

Happy belated Easter, ladies! It's been a fairly busy week for myself and Lia who spent most the week with our respective families during Easter so it's great to be back blogging for all of you. Taking you back to the Iberian Peninsula, our La Liga choice for this week is another Valencian team on request, Villarreal CF. Nicknamed El Submarino Amarillo, an almost obscene amount of yellow is something that is always daunting to me, mainly because the colour never sits right with me. 

Looking at Villarreal's colours, I notice that the yellow is somewhat neon - almost acidic - which reflected the historical trade of oranges of the home city. I was also left by the requester with a very helpful information of the city being famous for its production of ceramic tiles. The job now seems a little easier, and while I was reluctant to tackle this much yellow, I certainly wanted to bring myself to the challenge. Interestingly, just as I was reading up on Villarreal, my mother announced to me (after putting down the March Vogue) that yellow was one of the hottest colours this season. 

Equipped with facts and coincidentals, I sat myself to create a fresh spring look that reflected the trends of this season including: bold prints, colour-blocking, and gypsy-inspired pieces. While yellow is the main star, I chose a blue geometric printed top that reminds us both of the team's away colours and the city's ceramic tiles industry. Pair it with a yellow ladylike skirt in a luxurious silk material and cover up with a wrap-style blazer in a neutral colour to offset the bold colours. 

Accessorise with chunky platform boots in neon yellow, an all purposeful tote in a gorgeous brown to further neutralise the look and finish with crucifix earrings, a tribute to this season's gypsy luxe. To add more Valencia into it, this novelty citrus purse coin is the perfect solution. 

Top, Marni, £306
Skirt, Giambattista Valli, £835
Blazer, Malene Birger, £280
Shoes, AX Paris, £39.99
Bags, Givenchy, £868
Earrings, Lanvin, £702
Coin purse, Aeropostale, £4.40


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