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26 March 2012

Team Togs: Olympique de Marseille

After a quick jump to the French league, there was no stopping on the many teams that come to mind! One that have been continuously suggested by a good friend of mine is none other than Marseille FC - one of the most famous and successful teams France has to offer both domestically and continentally. I personally have a nostalgic relationship with the team as I admit to have been quite enticed by them circa Samir Nasri. Why, yes. I have moments of oestrogen-induced blindness. I'm not proud of it, but the city itself has always been a favourite of mine to watch. 

The city of Marseille have long been associated with multiculturalism. It was and still remains to be one of the crown jewels of Mediterranean commerce. The city saw itself evolve from a gateway to France to a home to the future faces of France - one that reflects the long history of its empire. Zinedine Zidane, one of France's greatest export is a Marseillais, whose Kabyle Berber roots is a perfect example of the city's status as a melting pot. Nasri too, who is a Marseille native is of Berber ethnicity. 

L'OM too is a wonderful reflection of the city's multiculturalisme. Like the French national team, its ethnic diversity is a consequence of colonialism. While France is certainly not the only nation responsible for colonialism, there is a clear difference on the French mindset on its colonised nations in comparison to say, the British and Spanish. Its almost idealistic and romantic attitude to colonialism led to, among other things, the face of France today. 

The outfit is what I call a melting pot in itself. It features prominent Lebanese-French designers such as Rabih Kayrouz and Elie Saab to reflect that. We start with a beautiful neutral-coloured dress as the canvas and thrown over it is a jacket with a beautiful bold African print by eco-conscious label, Fair + True. Marseille's colours are a beautiful powder blue-turqouise and as not to let the colour overpower the whole look, we chose bold accessories to pay tribute such as the clutch and cuff. We finish the look with a statement necklace and neutral safari-inspired wedges. 

Dress, Maison Rabih Kayrouz, £1488
Jacket, Fair + True, £75
Clutch, Azzaro, £706
Necklace, Elie Saab, £290
Bracelet, Amrita Singh, £63
Shoes, Chinese Laundry, £50


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