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6 March 2012

Matchday Moment: Heroin Chic

It's been a week full of beauty posts so it's time to get back on track to some style entries! This Matchday Moment is paying homage to a trend that went hand in hand with the plaids of the Seattle grunge scene. The look was popularised by Kate Moss, whose waifish figure and sunken eyes gave way for a high fashion spin on a deadly topic. While the look still leaves a mark in the industry today with a mentality of the thinner the better, the biggest aspect of the look - its effortless androgynous quality - has pretty much gone out the window. 

For some, reviving this trend may be controversial considering the nature of the inspiration: a life revolved around a deadly substance. Many may condemn me for this tribute, but it was one of the defining looks of the 1990s, and there is something hauntingly beautiful about it. What I like to concentrate in is the androgynous side of the trend, so this may be used as a rocker chic look sans the skulls and studs. 

We put our attention on the slightly distressed straight leg jeans instead of your average skinny jeans. While a staple to any rock-inspired look today, it was not part of every girl's wardrobe then. The 80s was too fresh a decade at the time to revive (unlike today, though I'm glad a lot of it has died out). 

Kate Moss' Calvin Klein ads showed her in revealing tanks and simple oversized shirts but still managed to look put together. We use a spaghetti vest top layered under a loose-fit knitted jumper. Accessories are minimal in the trend, we skip any chunky accessories and keep it simple with an edgy silver ring, a minimalist cross body bag, cashmere scarf, and chunky low-heeled boots. 

This look is perfect for an afternoon match day come the early breeze of autumn weather when it's getting increasingly difficult (and tacky) to layer your team's jersey. It's comfortable, it's relaxed, and definitely not high-maintenance. Add a parka when temperature falls. 

Jeans, Balmain, £460 (on sale)
Vest top, Calypso St. Barth, £29
Jumper, Just Female, £88
Scarf, Faliero Sarti, £99
Ring, Lisa Freede, £38
Bag, Rochas, £291
Boots, Acne, £460


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