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28 February 2012

Beauty Break: Arsenal FC (Away Colours)

Call it cerulean, sapphire, azure, ultramarine, royal, or just blue - it's a colour that guarantees a sense of calmness, serenity, zen, and relaxation...

...except when it's a blue of breathable material against the skins of eleven confused men trying to chase a ball to the back of a net.

Taking inspiration from the 2012/2013 Arsenal Away kit - this Beauty Break debut post focuses on six products we recommend added to your make up pouches as inspired by the blues sported this season by the Arsenal boys.

1) Shu Uemura depsea water (Lavender), £16.50

I've sworn by this product for over 4 years now and can't think of a skincare regime sans this little lady. She looks almost mysteriously useless as your next hydrating spray - yet, my skin have never been better after adding this to my regime. Simply spray it on twice a day - after waking up and before bed (preferably before moisturising).

I'm not your average Mac fangirl, but I am a huge fan of their eye shadows. They are always highly pigmented and never fails to do your eyes justice. This shade is boldly blue - almost offensive - but for a night out, it could be the perfect pop of colour amongst a sea of black. 

OPI nail varnishes are a must in every girl's collection - their colour ranges from here to no end and they turn out beautiful. I have hardly gotten chipped nails since swearing by OPI varnishes. I have tried a dupe to this colour called 'Dating A Royal' and though it is not personally great for my skin tone, it's a beautiful colour nonetheless. 

I was introduced to NARS by my sister when I was taught how to wear make up for dance performances as a wee 14-year old. I never looked back and now understood the rather pricey tag (double the prices of Mac pencils!). This colour is to die for and runs beautifully on your skin, the colour comes out perfectly. If you are willing to invest on good make up, NARS is the way to go. 

Voted Allure's best face mask in 2008, I decided to give this bad boy a try after discovering the New York-based brand. I fell in love in an instance. It leaves your skin feeling smooth, clean, and rather brand new. I use this product once every week or so and have never needed a facial ever since! 

Mac products are made for the eyes. Their liners are amongst the best in the business and I have never felt the need to find an alternative to their gel liners. For those who are hesitant to get their famous gel liner pots out of inconvenience, their pen-style liners are your next best thing. As you can never go wrong with black, Mac black at that - it's no wonder they only released it in one colour. 


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