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27 February 2012

Une Introduction

As a global sport, football is expected to cross all kinds of divides: be it gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or even political stance. What a shame that the oldest and most prominent distinction remains to be between those who let it hang all about and they who prefer to keep it deep in the jungle. There is however an upside to every story and with the help of a little technology takeover in our modern society - female football fans who feel alienated amongst their testosterones counterparts are able to connect with other female fans all across the world who feel just the same.

But hey, aren't we getting overly PC here.

Here at The Colney Chic, we fully embrace our femininity as our greatest weapon in a world full of beer-bellied, sailor-swearing, lager-lugging, pie-porking and last-season's-jersey-that's-two-sizes-too-tight men. We take dressing to games seriously and believe that female-marketed merchandising (pink and white Arsenal scarves, anyone?) is empowering in a male-dominated world. Call it capitalism - we like to call it female emancipation with a price tag.

We highly regard male footballer objectification, because that's all they are good for. We're quite sure if we had to hold down a conversation with any of them - we'd steer the conversation to a possibility of playing Russian roulette.

The footballing world is our Colosseum and we are Rome's elite - giving approval to those who are worthy of a magazine spread and those who seriously could use a trip to the barber. Of course we're no shallow sheilas and we are fully aware that football is a serious sport. Serious. As serious as booze. And shoes. Or both.

To come back, we really are average girls who are simply passionate about football and fashion. So what better way to find our niche online? If rule 34 is true, then we declare that if we posts enough photos of naked footballers and designer dresses we will have followers. Hell, it worked for Kickette.

And oh, we are both Arsenal fans. All additional self-hate, delusions, over-optimism, and potential bi-polarism included.


If you have managed to read this far without getting offended then do watch this space. This is our temporary trial blog and we concentrate in fashion blogging with a football basis (match days, finals, special ocassions). We also do regular opinions and commentaries post and a hoard of other knick knacks centred around the beautiful game.



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