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10 May 2012

One True Look: Cesc Fàbregas/Gerard Piqué

One True Look: Cesc Fabregas/Gerard Pique

To my horror, Kay insisted I do an OTL of the anomalously* popular "Fabrique." Although I must have accidentally-on-purpose forgotten about this assignment at least three times when we discussed our to-do lists for the blog, it would be safe to say that it never slipped her mind. So here I am, still grumbling about having grabbed a straw so short that it's in danger of permanently popping out of existence, but having accepted my fate. You may think I'm saying this like it's the end of the fashion world - well, it is.

I admit I don't even know much about the much hyped Fabrique. Now, I'm not one of those disillusioned Gooners that declared undying hatred for both Cesc and Barca once he made his transfer back to Barcelona (although I do think he could have handled the entire situation a bit better, the media is a hard pack of drama llamas to control), so my aversion to the pairing really has no standard explanation. The only impressions I have of Piqué are his (to me) donkey-like appearance and his unfortunate habit of bleeding more easily than Sharpie through printer paper, and the only memory I really have of him is of him and Puyol pulling a Barcelona shirt on then-Gunner Fàbregas. Not a very popular overall view of him, to say the least. On the other hand, I know everything from Cesc's love for doughnuts to his almost irrational aversion to mushrooms.

Pluck any five random Spanish footballers out of a line and what will they have in common? Horribly greasy hair, the belief that they've got impeccable taste in clothes while actually having an abomination of a "sense" of style. Gerard Piqué and Cesc Fàbregas are no exceptions to the rule, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't initially stumped over what route I should take for their outfit. I avoided searching the Fabrique tag on tumblr like it was the plague, so I eventually settled on choosing the exact opposite of what I thought would match within the outfit. Pretty much the equivalent of closing my eyes and pointing at a random article of clothing or piece of jewellery from their respective piles.

I started off with the fringed fading sunset cropped tee - something, along with the brash "sexy" ring, only a fashion-challenged Spaniard could  pick up thinking they could rock it, and paired it with standard boyfriend jeans. Add a hipster mustache tote and braided bracelet and they'll think they're keeping up with the trends. A pair of distressed wannabe-biker boots rounds off the mismatched look.

*Sorry, my maths is showing. 

Tee, Monki, £16;
Bracelet, Emanuele Bicocchi, £159;
Jeans, H&M, £30;
Tote, Etsy, £7.50;
Ring, Deb, £7;
Boots, Pierre Balmain, £944


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