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9 May 2012

Team Togs: FC Bayern Munich

Another trip to the Bundesliga*, and it's only understandable that we tackle the biggest club to come out of Germany: Bayern Munich. Though they're that classic team you love to hate much like Manchester United and Barcelona, there's no doubt they're big for a reason. Their domestic success is reflected in their record for holding the most Bundesliga wins (21 titles) since the league's creation in 1963. Success and fame has easily lined them up to be one of Europe's football powerhouses. Their presence in the Champions League is expected and while their last winner's medal was over ten years ago, there's no doubt they still deliver in the European stage as they came out as runner ups in 2010 against Inter Milan. 

Being a team hailing from Bavaria, it was only necessary that we infused the proud Bavarian culture into our look. (After all, the team's crest bears the Bavarian flag in it). I thought about the turn of spring into summer, and after slight contemplation I wanted to focus in the important tradition of the maibaum in Germanic countries. The Maypole is erected in Bavaria on either the 30th of April or the 1st of May to celebrate May Day. It has often been debated as one of the most significant remnants of Germanic paganism that survived Christianisation. 

The image of Spring festivals is often filled with young girls in white dresses and floral crowns dancing around the maypole and we wanted to take that ethereal, airy, spiritual, almost fairy-like quality into our Munich look. It is also a modern take into an ancient festival that has been going on for centuries and we think football is exactly the same, it's face is changing but the traditions and passion is all the same. The traditional colours of Bavaria and Munich are used as accents though there is a tendency for their away colours of white. 

We start with a modern spin on the traditional white dress, a thigh-high split dress in beige that we cover with a beautiful lace waistcoat to add texture. This dress is both comfortable, easy to wear, and at the same time edgy for a festival day. Pair with crystal-beaded sandals to give the illusion of wearing nothing but jewels on your feet. Accessories are symbolic, the traditional home-made floral crown in the Munich home colours of red (with infused burgundy) and a blue and white checkered ribbon to tie around your wrist to pay tribute to Bavaria. Finish with a handy wristlet in a pyramid shape for another modern representation.

*ETA: Kay's brain has forgotten we had covered Borussia Dortmund before. 

Dress, Stella McCartney, £237.50 (on sale)
Waistcoat, Biba, £55
Sandals, Antik Batik, £140
Bag, Jil Sander, £315
Ribbon, find all kinds of ribbons wholesale at Renaissance Ribbons!


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