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9 May 2012

Team Togs: West Ham United FC

A friend of mine or shall I say an unpaid advisor on our beloved Colney Chic has harassed and threatened me to writing about West Ham since a conversation we had about West Ham's underlying paedophilic sub-text. Before I'm jumped by some Frodo-looking punk from Green Street*, let me redeem myself by saying that I wasn't the one who appointed Pedobear as your bloody mascot, and named him Bubbles out every darned choices in the world. Don't even try and turn this around on me by calling out on how ignorant I am. I know I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles. By heart too, bitch what? You're forever blowing Bubbles. Never took West Ham fans for furries but hey. 

Then came the new mascot, an anthropomorphic... hammer. Hammerhead, you call him. Shaking our heads forever in your direction, West Ham. Bet we know where you'd like that hammer -... well, let's scrub things a bit cleaner here and move on to the fashion before I scar you girls for life. The friend had mentioned on using West Ham's poor excuse for a mascot as inspiration and the only thing that came to mind was lolita-inspired fashion but feeling sorry for the team, I decided to go to an entirely different route but thought I'd start with that mental image for you ladies. 

Known for its hooliganism that started in the 60s and escalated in the 70s to 80s, West Ham United are still infamous for playing a significant part in organised football violence. A history of violence and racism are also well known in Upton Park. While it's irresponsible to pay tribute to this disgusting display of 'loyalty' - I did want to concentrate on the history of West Ham being associated with the iron and shipbuilding industry. Added with the hooliganism culture ever present in the Hammers' reputation, an anarchy-inspired outfit came to being. 

Our look is all about accessorising, the outfit itself consists of a simple nautical striped tee, coloured denim shorts and a structured biker waistcoat. We toughen up the look again with black studded biker boots and a statement necklace. Pile up some arm candy with different strand-based bracelets with charms associated with ships such as anchors and compass arrows. We finish the look with a claret-coloured throw around bag that can hold both your knuckle duster and Jack Daniels. Throw on a pair of 50-s inspired shades and you're good to go to fight those rotten Millwall tools. 

*A/N: In all honesty, Green Street Hooligans was a great movie. 

Tee, Nicole Farhi, £75
Waistcoat, Givenchy, £925
Shorts, Current/Elliott, £96
Bracelet (Red & blue), Alex Woo, £59.06/each
Bracelet (Yellow), ASOS (sold out) 
Bracelet (Black), M. Cohen, £108.20
Necklace, Jean Paul Gaultier, £674
Boots, Ash, £280
Shades, Dior, £430
Bag, Givenchy, £876.54 (colour not available) 


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