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20 August 2012

Beauty Break: Curl Control (Product Review)

Hello all! Kay and I have decided to expand our Beauty Break section and dip our toes into the world of beauty product reviews. The product I'll be reviewing today is Miss Jessie's Quick Curls ($32 for 8 oz.), which is described to be a "weightless styling cream, which enhances hair’s natural bounce and shape without any heaviness" while it "does away with frizz and dryness."

Now, as one of the few Asian girls born without naturally pin-straight hair, I have struggled to find products that will help my curls stay in place and not expand/frizz out into a giant mess in Houston humidity. As my hair is also extremely thick, I find that many products simply do not have the strength to hold my hair in place without turning it into a helmet of gel. (Gel dandruff? Definitely not sexy).

Enter Miss Jessie's - a smooth, non-sticky cream that goes straight on your damp hair that smells absolutely lovely as well (think citrus and ginger, mmm). The smell isn't overpowering but lingers throughout the day. I find that it does weigh my hair down slightly, but it isn't noticeable enough for me to complain. I've allowed my hair to air-dry after applying the product.

Without any products in my hair:

With product (apologies for the lighting/quality of these 2 pictures!!):

As you can see, the top half of my hair hasn't poofed up, while the rest of my hair has a nice tousled, wavy look. Miss Jessie's is definitely becoming a permanent member of my makeup/beauty collection!


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