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29 August 2012

Safe Hands: If We Can't Get It, Then We'll Wear It

Hi ladies! Though Safe Hands has been on hiatus for a while, we know we can quickly get over that sad truth with this beautiful gold-green shade from O.P.I. off of their The Amazing Spider-Man collection that consists of six beautiful shades and a shatter.

I'll let you in a little secret here: I was a huge Spider-Man nerd. And I mean, huge. So when this collection came out, I was definitely more than a little excited. I haven't seen the movie myself; mainly because I still cannot accept anyone else but Tobey Maguire as Spidey. I'm just being obnoxious, I realise. Guilty as charged. 

I went to my local O.P.I. nail bar today to get my regulars and decided it would be the perfect chance to try one of the shades that has been constantly compared to Chanel's Peridot. After a bit of reading on various nail blogs, it's safe for me to say that Just Spotted The Lizard is a flawless dupe of the former. 

I love the idea of the scaly, slimy, yet slick feeling this shade gives off. It's a beautiful combination of gold, olive green, and a tint of blue when reflected and I am absolutely hooked. Painted on, it's a lot more gold than I imagined, but I still love it nonetheless. Feeling a bit bold today, I decided to play the gold-green against Arsenal's yellow monstrosity from the 2006/2007 season - our first away kit playing in the Emirates. A bit of bling looks good against our kit doesn't it? Now if only we can get the real thing.

Just Spotted The Lizard.

2 coats applied over base coat, covered with top coat. Lighting indoor; full blast. 

Lighting darkened.

In the shade. 


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