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11 May 2012

Country Costumes: Germany

Country Costumes: Germany

Ah, Die Mannschaft. Traditionally one of the most successful teams on an international level, Germany have three World Cups and three European Championships under their belts. I don't have very strong memories of the team until 2006, when they played on home soil. Although the first time I'd watched them play was back in 2002, I was barely 9 at the the time and the only memories of the final against Brazil I have are both of the latter side. I only remember Ronaldo's strange hair and the nickname we Chinese had affectionately given him - Alien. (And of course their performance at Euro 2004 was less than impressive).

Starting from 2000, Die Mannschaft have had a bit of a rollercoaster ride in the major tournaments - crashing out in the group stages of Euro 2000, reaching the World Cup final in 2002, and again crashing out in the group stages of Euro 2004. Their talent has finally seemingly reached a steady level with third place in 2006, second in 2008, and again third in 2010. The newest talents like Müller, Özil, Kroos, and Badstuber came in and melded almost seamlessly with the first wave of new talents that had arrived a few years earlier in the form of Podolski, Schweinsteiger, and Lahm, together phasing out the aged (or injured) "old guard," as I like to call them.

I found myself pulling for Germany in the third place match back in 2006, deeming it the lesser of two evils as I was bitter as hell over Portugal having knocked my precious Oranje out of the tournament. Everyone probably still remembers the Euro 2008 final, where a lone goal by Fernando Torres (what is he up to beside flopping like a fish out of water these days anyways?) was enough to bring Germany down, and of course Spain again triumphed over a psyched out Germany in the 2010 semifinals.

In recent years Germany have morphed from a nation that once played effective, boring football to one that plays beautiful, effective football. I remember being shocked by the change in the group stages of 2010, as I watched Germany take apart Australia's physical side with little effort, bleary eyed in the early hours of Beijing. I've taken this shock into account with the white printed dress, the black print resembling a chaotic field of wildflowers and paired it with red pumps, a red clutch, and yellow retro shades, much like the standard German kits of white accented with yellow, red, and black. Accessories include the asymmetrical white and pale gold two-toned bangle and eagle charm necklace, a reference to the DFB eagle.

Dress, Dorthy Perkins, £43;
Pumps, Steve Madden, £50;
Clutch, Lanvin, £860;
Necklace, Lanvin, £1120;
Bracelet, Marni, £249;
Sunglasses, Mango, £20


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