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11 May 2012

Country Costumes: Spain (Lia)

Country Costumes: Spain

Kay and I felt it would only be right for us to both create our own looks for Spain, as they are defending champions of the Euros. Although the fans that are lucky enough to attend the matches in person will be having the times of their lives and have beer coursing through their veins, I will most likely be streaming the matches silently during my Organizational Behaviour and Management lecture, trying to pretend I'm paying attention to the course.

Like Kay, I still remember the heartbreak of the World Cup final like it was yesterday, although I was watching from my living room instead of the stadium. I still remember crying at Gio van Bronckhorst's substitution, and of course again at the final whistle. But most importantly, I remember the hurt etched across the face of each and every Dutch player, reflected across every Oranje fan's face, including my own. I respect Spain as a talented side that plays beautiful football, but that doesn't lessen the hurt.

I honestly can't come up with much outside of football when I think of Spain. I can't even pull up any personal memories, as Spain is one of the few countries in western Europe I have yet to visit. I can't paint a very complete image of the country, as all I have are past World Cups and past European Championships to go on.

Ashamedly, as even my knowledge of Spain's history is spotty, I took the easy way out in creating this outfit. I've focused mainly on the Spanish flag, and as an extension, the easily recognisable Spanish kits. Casual, comfortable outfits are the staple of my daily outfits so I started with a pair of bright red skinnies. However, instead of a yellow top, I've chosen a simple white silk tunic, cream flats, and a cream tote to avoid that horrible ketchup/mustard combination. I've accessorised with a simple yellow bracelet with gold spikes and a pair of ruby and gold crown earrings, similar to the crown on Spain's coat of arms.

Flats, Otte, £164;
Tunic, Hôtel Particulier, £89;
Jeans, Paige, £221;
Earrings, Butler & Wilson, £52;
Tote, Prada, £1150;
Bracelet, Ettika, £23


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